WIWW – dress for success?

good morning & hello for a new WIWW – What I Wore Wednesday – Episode!


as mentioned in a couple of previous posts, i’m currently looking for an internship. you probably all know what this means: searching for suitable open positions for hours, writing and editing individually adapted application letters & CVs, lots of brainwork inside my head and, hopefully, a good number of job interviews!


so, yes, i’m glad to say that i got lucky with some of my applications and got invited to some interviews! so after my usual happy-dance it was not only time to think about how to verbally present myself effectively and research the companies, but also to figure out what to wear when walking into a job interview!

you know me, i always prepare myself as well as possible. and although i’m usually not that outfit-freakish, i know that you only get to make a first impression once.

i’ve spent quite some time on this awesome website, which i seriously recommend to all job-seekers out there, and learned that in most cases, an interviewer builds his/her opinion about you within the first 90 seconds. so what does count here? general charisma, facial expressions, body language and yes, the outfit!

maybe you remember my post about surface impressions i wrote right before my first day in university. the outfit i presented you there was actually the outfit i wore yesterday, to my very first real job interview and i believe i chose it well.


however, having one single business-suitable outfit won’t take you very far when interviewing for a job more than once and (hopefully) working full time in the future. you know i’m normally more the casual, grunge-ish kinda girl when it comes to outfits for the Uni or my leisure/band time. yessss.

not. enough. anymore!

so, i started yesterday to feed my wardrobe with some new, more business-friendly pieces!






i got this beautiful faux-leather* skirt from a shop in Vienna yesterday. I just love how it looks both classy and somehow edgy. combined with a light, shimmering white blouse this is totally great for more formal situations but also far from boring.

i like this kinda style so much that i’m considering to wear it also to more every-day life occasions, such as family meals or parties. or, what about wearing this on stage?




just think about what you could do to these kind of pieces just by adding different kind of accessories such as jewellery or shoes? think High Heels vs. DocMartens, a red classy clutch vs. a big shopper,… endless opportunities with a piece like this!


* ad) faux-leather: you all are well aware of me being vegan. i do not support any industry that exploits animals in any way. i do not buy leather products. i do, however, like the look and therefore am ok with buying an occasional fake-leather piece. every one has to decide on their own how to deal with this matter, this is simply my opinion.


hope i could inspire you a little bit with that!

wish you the best day,




cookies rather than WIWW

no, you won’t get any WIWW pics today..



truth be told, i’ve been sick for a couple of days now..a bad, annoying flu in the middle of my finals..yay.

i look like a mess right now and don’t really care bout my clothes..but I do care about what’s in my tummy!


so, instead of getting pics of me, i give you pics of these:

good compensation?:)

to brighten up this  horrible time right now, i decided to create the ultimative get-well-soon cookie! it includes chocolate, nutbutter and  chickpeas..definitely a winner!

based on CCK’s choc.chip blondies, i gave it a try to make up a cookie recipe.

oh my gosh, it turned out just perfect!

due to me being not in the right condition to going out and shop plus not having much at hand right now, this recipe is really easy and does not call for any “special” ingredients at all.

(let’s simply ignore the fact of me having no chocolate at home..my daddy had to bring his little, oh-so-adult girly girl some chocolate! love you, daddy <3)


anyways, try it and be amazed!




yields about 12 cookies, but i would highly recommend to double the recipe! 


– 2 c. chickpeas (cooked, rinsed and drained)

– 1 c. riceflour (i used white)

-3/4 -1 c. spelt flour

-1 T nutbutter (peanut-, almond-,…)

-1T oil

-1 T baking powder

-1 T baking soda (natron)


sweetener (depending on your sweet tooth)

– 1 t salt

– some mylk (about 1/4 to 1/3 c.)

choc. chips

*note: this recipe is very flexible. you can easily switch

proportions of the flour and for example just use spelt-flour. more,

you can use either 2 T nutbutter or 2 T oil,

depending on what you have at hand.

maybe you could even sub water for the mylk,

but i haven’t tried myself.


mash the chickpeas & slowly add all the ingredients except for the chocolate chips. mix everything very well.

then, add your chips and put the cookiedough on a baking sheet, depending on how big you want your cookies. you can even make cookie-balls!

turn on heat to about 200°C and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.

let cool and indulge! 🙂

honestly, i believe these are the best cookies i ever made had.

i promised i’d save some for my family..this is gonna be hard!




i need to get more sleep.

like, a LOT more sleep.


song of the day: “Trading Water” by Nada Surf

(one of my all time favs!)


and did i mention how cold it is over here?

i literally feel like dying when walking to and home from college every morning and afternoon..how come 7 minutes feel that endless?!

..walking as fast as i can..

..through the already frozen fields..

so..enough of that.

as we all know, it’s WEDNESDAY! 🙂

so here comes my


..sry for the lame pictures..:)

i wish you a wonderful evening!



squirrelling & WIWW <3

happy wednesday!


when you have been around in the blogosphere for some time, you might have come across 2 new trends among the dear bloggers:

  •  WIAW = “What I Ate Wednesday“:

people take pics of their meals, snacks and beverages and share them with their readers. it’s become pretty popular, as far as i’ve seen. like a series that brings out a new episode every wednesday.

it’s cool to see what the vegan bloggies create for their every(-wednes-)day lives!


  •  WIWW = “What I Wore Wednesday“:

firstly seen at Victoria’s blog, bloggers simply show you what they wore, every wednesday.

even though i don’t really consider myself as a “fashionista“, i somehow really like the idea!



…so here comes my

#1 WIWW:




…with my beloved Martens…

well, what can i say?

it was freaking cold over here today!

i almost froze my fingers off.

but all that (fake-)wool kept me kinda warm when walking to and home from classes.

some days ago i was lying with my boy on the bed, watching some “One Tree Hill” and just chilling, when he wanted to give me a cute nickname and got kinda stuck in the middle of the sentence.

we normally don’t really “nickname” each other, but it was just so cozy, that he simply couldn’t help it, i guess;)

well, so he tried to find a cute word..you wanna know how he called me?


(of course, he nicely wrapped the word..)

i was almost laughing tears..oh man. hamsters are cute, for sure, but this was just really weird, funny and lovely. all at once!;)

actually, i sometimes really feel as if i was a gnawer.

i’m serious. at least i definitely am when it comes to food: totally hamster-ish i tend to hoard all kinds of stuff, and then eat it all by myself..(ok, maybe i’m even worse than hamsters are!)

i remember some time in middleschool, where my friends called me “squirrel”.

ok, i’m guilty.

i do hoard nuts and dried fruit and save them just for me.

this afternoon i was, once again, very hamster-ish and was just squirreling round when i had gotten home from college..

you know what i’m talking bout, right?

hot tea, some good music and loads of trail-mix. haha:)

P.s.: some scribbling i did yesterday..

xoxo & tofu,