it’s annoying to always ask for the ingredients of a meal when eating out with your friends & family, don’t tell me!

i want to give you some ideas on what meals are vegan choices when eating out, so you can start to enjoy going to restaurants again.

it really CAN be fun! 😀



a special tip is to look at the online-menu of the place you plan to visit, if there is one available.





italian restaurants are great places for vegans.

true italians don’t use any eggs in the pizzas & pastas, so all you need to look out for is, of course, the cheese.

i tried pizzas sans cheese & meat and found they were delicious!

oh, if you like, try a pizza sans cheeze, with mushrooms, corn, chillis & of course tomato-sauce.  it’s my favorite! 🙂


pasta’s also a goodie. always!

the classical “safe” meal is of course “pasta aglio é oglio”.

but there are different kinds of vegan pestos like “arrabiata”, just ask your waiter & don’t be ashamed!





i love asian food!

there are so many opportunities.

you can always ask the cook if he would be so kind to make you some vegan dish. there are so many vegan ingredients to be found in the asian kitchen, so it will be no biggie for him to create you a vegan meal.

the basic vegan meal that’s mostly to be found on the menu is some dish containing tofu, veggies & rice.


another favorite of mine is vegan maki! i love these lil’ rice-rolls.

go ahead and skip through the menu, or speak up and ask the staff! 🙂

salty, sweet, you can find everything a vegan stomach could ask for!





indian restaurants always offer a variety of vegetarian meals.

you still need to pay attention to dairy, for many indian dishes contain butter, milk and so on.

best thing is to ask the staff & let him know what you can’t eat!

chickpeas, lentils, lots of fresh veggies, potatoes & rice are waiting for you 🙂





FALAFEL-BURGERS! falafel are made out of chickpeas, so is humus.

look for some vegetarian dishes & watch the dairy, for yogurt-sauces are popular.


still you’re gonna find some great dishes & snacks to-go!


p.s.: try a vegan “Kebap”, filled with fresh veggies & vegan sauce 🙂





hey there!

i thought about some general vegan posts i’m gonna do, to make sure you people get a little insight into the „vegan world“.

being vegan sometimes feels like being an outcast, but „new“ or „unusual“ lifestyles and ideas never used to be popular in its beginning-times.

this post is gonna show you how an ordinary day as a vegan could look like.

it’s about preparing your meals at home & gives you some recipe-ideas.

i’m also going to write a post on how to survive an omni*-party and an „eating out guide“,

but let’s talk about a day at home first!

* an „omni“ is an „omnivore“, which means people who eat whatever they can get, by means of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, gelatine & other animal-based foods. you get the idea. you’re surrounded by omnis! 😉



breakfast is important, for our bodies need to fill up the energy levels after some good sleep.

some people like a really early breakfast, some (like me) prefer it to be later.

– what about some


–> enjoy it with any mylk you like best: soy-, almond-, hemp-, rice-, oat- or spelt-mylk.

– you can’t really eat much after getting up?

here’s some yummy & not-too-rich idea: “QUICK BREAKFAST”

– not a granola-fan?

i can hardly imagine, but of course there are various other options:

– try different nut-butters, such as peanut-, almond- or macadamia-butter;

– get some jam, but remember to check if it’s gelatine-free!

– use vegan margarine & top it with some maple-syrup;

– make yourself some yummy “BANANARAMA” (banana-butter)

– find a yummy chocolate-spread sans milk;
– oh, and don’t you ever forget about the delicious   “WAKE-ME-UP – CUP”  !

– you’re more the savoury breakfast-type?

no prob!

– get some (toasted) bread or sandwich & eat it with vegan cheese (available at vegan online shops & big supermarkets) or even vegan fake-meat (same here).

– if you’re fond of scrambled eggs, try a fake-version of it by using tofu.

just search the internet for a good alternative, there are many great recipes waiting for you out there!

– and, last but not least, fruit has always been the quickest breakfast to-go!

Lunch & Dinner

well, what do we have here?

millions of opportunities!

the basics:

– protein

lentils, beans, tofu & other soy-products, tempeh, seitan;

– whole grains

quinoa, amaranth, spelt, oat, wheat, rice, whole-grain pasta, …

– veggies

think along;)

here are some ideas:




or what about a Champignon-Veggie-Pan? 🙂

you need to know that i only post recipes without the added whole-grains, for it’s not that complicated to cook rice, quinoa or so. so just make the things i post & then add your fav. whole-gains! 🙂

another great tip is to visit this site: Katies Blog !

i often use her recipes, they’re awesome!


it happens i’ve written an entire post about my fav. snacks right here .

but, just so you get the idea:



(i also added some tomato-sauce here& used it as dip)




see, a yummy vegan day is possible & very recommendable 🙂