squirrelling & WIWW <3

happy wednesday!


when you have been around in the blogosphere for some time, you might have come across 2 new trends among the dear bloggers:

  •  WIAW = “What I Ate Wednesday“:

people take pics of their meals, snacks and beverages and share them with their readers. it’s become pretty popular, as far as i’ve seen. like a series that brings out a new episode every wednesday.

it’s cool to see what the vegan bloggies create for their every(-wednes-)day lives!


  •  WIWW = “What I Wore Wednesday“:

firstly seen at Victoria’s blog, bloggers simply show you what they wore, every wednesday.

even though i don’t really consider myself as a “fashionista“, i somehow really like the idea!



…so here comes my

#1 WIWW:




…with my beloved Martens…

well, what can i say?

it was freaking cold over here today!

i almost froze my fingers off.

but all that (fake-)wool kept me kinda warm when walking to and home from classes.

some days ago i was lying with my boy on the bed, watching some “One Tree Hill” and just chilling, when he wanted to give me a cute nickname and got kinda stuck in the middle of the sentence.

we normally don’t really “nickname” each other, but it was just so cozy, that he simply couldn’t help it, i guess;)

well, so he tried to find a cute word..you wanna know how he called me?


(of course, he nicely wrapped the word..)

i was almost laughing tears..oh man. hamsters are cute, for sure, but this was just really weird, funny and lovely. all at once!;)

actually, i sometimes really feel as if i was a gnawer.

i’m serious. at least i definitely am when it comes to food: totally hamster-ish i tend to hoard all kinds of stuff, and then eat it all by myself..(ok, maybe i’m even worse than hamsters are!)

i remember some time in middleschool, where my friends called me “squirrel”.

ok, i’m guilty.

i do hoard nuts and dried fruit and save them just for me.

this afternoon i was, once again, very hamster-ish and was just squirreling round when i had gotten home from college..

you know what i’m talking bout, right?

hot tea, some good music and loads of trail-mix. haha:)

P.s.: some scribbling i did yesterday..

xoxo & tofu,


are you a “snacker”?


do you like to stroll around in your house, looking for something delicious you could put into your mouth?

are there some kinds of foods around that keep on calling “eat me, eat me!”, everytime you pass them?

do you prefer several smaller meals over the mainstream 3 big meals?


– if so: welcome to the club! 

you are a “SNACKER”.


maybe you’re asking yourself right now: “oh my goodness..- is it cool to be a >snacker<?”

well. i can only speak for myself, but in my opinion, it is very cool! 😉




you can snack your way through your day and eat much more various, different & interesting food than you would if you weren’t a snacker.

another reason is, you never get too hungry and won’t ever feel too full.

also, it’s healthier, to eat smaller, balanced meals over the day than 3 huge portions.




so, let’s get snacky!

here come the TOP 3 of  my fav. snacks..





this is one of the easiest things to make, and still it’s kinda my all time favourite: APPLE-BITES, topped with some cinnamon and pure lemon-juice. healthy and tasty!


by the way, it could be said that fruit is my favorite snack, in general. “FAST FOOD“, packed with vitamins! yay.




another “all time classic”!


TRAIL MIX, in austria known as “students-food“, which is a mixture of nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans etc., and raisins. there are various things to additionally pack into trail-mixes, like seeds or dried cranberries.


this snack is loaded with energy and taste, contains healthy fats and minerals. it’s good for your heart and contains substances that perfectly work against stress. now we all know why it’s also known as “students-food”! 😉




i knooooow. these little friends are not really filmstar-beauties. they’re not that photogenic, but nevertheless i love them.

DRIED FIGS  are known to be very healthy and provide you with good energy. they taste very sweet and have to be stored in the fridge, unless you eat all of them at once (me? yeah, i know i’m strange).



have you noticed? i just mentioned sweet snacks. as said before, i also highly appreciate every kind of fruit. think: oranges, bananas, peaches, grapes, pineapples and so on. fresh, sweet, cheap & uncomplicated! 🙂



but, from time to time i also long for savory snacks. 

personally, i like hot & spicy tofu – slices, raw veggies, roasted beans/chickpeas and huge salads. 

i could go on like this forever! 😉



what about your fav. snacks? 

if you want, leave a comment and tell me your preferences when it comes to snacks!

i’m curious! 🙂



now, time for some musical snack!

some days ago my good friend L. & me did a small recording session of a song by jessie j. if anyone is interested in the outcome, click the link to see the video of our cover version on youtube!

“Who You Are” Acoustic Version






one more thing: i told you in the last post i would shop for some nice decorations for my new room.


here’s what i got:


..rocking it on my walls..

…so does this cute pal…


..as well as my beloved “epiphone”-poster!



BUT… who rocks it the most?


my fluffy “broccoli-boy“!




stay snacky,