sneak peak




what am i up next to?

there’s pretty much going on right now!

i’m writing time-tables, schedules & to do lists to manage everything i need/want to do, but you get some pics, directly addressed to your curiosity! 🙂


1.) savoury sandwich




2.) sweet sandwich!







oh, and 3.) working on an advanced version of these cuties:

here’s a hint: it’s all about the PROTEIN! 🙂

read me soon!

yours, s.




who said TOFU was boring?

actually, it was me.

i’m serious. first time i tried tofu i was like “nah..tastes like..nothing”.

oh man, i had no idea!


i’m gettin’ into this vegan stuff more and more, and this includes getting to know my new friend tofu better & better.

tofu is just as flexible as me! (see post: “MISS FLEXIBLE”)


you can get almond-, basil-, sesame-, and so on- tofu.

yes, it’s all about the flavour. as always!


my current favourite is “Tofu Rosso” by Taifun.

actually, i like it best as it is, plain & cold.

it’s spicy & reminds me of goat cheese, though i think it’s even better.






today i made a wonderful, light salad.

protein & vitamins included!




i used

– green pepper

cherry tomatoes



tofu rosso

– balsamico-dressing

& some spices;




i’m glad to have found this amazing tofu, i’ve fallen in love with it! 🙂



so, my advice: don’t easily give up on vegan foods, cuz you tried one & didn’t like it.

go ahead & always try new stuff, maybe you’re gonna be surprised, after all!