hello blogosphere!

it’s been a while (again), but here I am!

i won’t even start to apologise for not being here lately..there’s just too much stuff on my plate like…all.the.time!

i’m talking bachelor thesis in progress (gotta hand it in on November 1!! ), project work for every freaking class every freaking day and besides that a lot of organizing and document-stuff to get ready for my internship in January. yup, you read that correctly- i got a great internship! i’m soooo happy and relieved about it and very excited for that new chapter! the internship is in Vienna, meaning that with the dive into the real working world also comes a change of location: i’m moving to Vienna! oh me oh my…you can imagine my excitement-level!

i got incredibly lucky with finding an apartment that is awesome, both location- and expense-wise! my dad actually found the place and next saturday i will see it for the first time- but if it has the “Dad-Approved“-stamp I’m definitely good to go! 😀

so yeah, you see there’s not too much time for doing anything besides going to uni, working in the library, working on my paper and on project-work but I gotta say, I’m still so very happy these times.

and guess what…my 21st birthday was yesterday!

it’s funny how you don’t get that excited anymore with every new birthday…life and stress kinda gets in the way and i seriously felt as if i simply don’t have TIME for birthday at the moment!

year after year that special feeling you got as a child right before each bday fades a little more…but can we accept it all becomes less magical, less special?

I, for one, still believe we need bdays (and christmas etc) to be extraordinary, in the sense of having a break of our odd every-day chores and the dull-ness that sometimes goes with that. I’m not saying I need an enormous party or hundreds of presents, that’s not the point. I believe we should simply make these special days awesome by focusing on ENJOYING our lives and appreciating what we have!

and oh god, I am so blessed. I have an amazing family (even two, counting my bf’s family in!), the most wonderful, caring, loving and committed boyfriend, incredible friends I can always count on and an adorable little doggy. I am just so thankful and happy from the bottom of my heart!

yesterday was the most wonderful day and eventually, it really was special, extraordinary and yes, I would call it magical!

I spent the day with all the people I love and who love me and really felt how blessed I actually am!


today, however, it’s time to get back into working  – but you know what?

as much as it sucks to know hard work is on the to-do-list again, my heart feels still so warm. I know, I know..sounds so cheesy. but heck, I couldn’t care less!;) I loved this birthday and I love my life and all the people I can live it with, and I guess I just needed to write down how grateful I am for that.

so, don’t let life get you down and value these rare, special days. don’t let age take the magic away – cuz you know, that magic we felt as children is still there! we just need to look for it a little harder than before, but it’s there and maybe even more beautiful than it was.





my personal thanksgiving.

as you might know, there’s no actual thanksgiving celebrated in austria. we have one similar day, but no one really celebrates it..a shame, if you ask me!


so, anyway, i’m sure that there were quite a couple awesome thanksgiving celebrations going on all around the world.

i decided to take a couple of minutes and write down what i’m thankful for these days (points are just randomly ordered, doesn’t mean anything!) :


  • my incredible boy

    what can I say?

i simply love him with all my heart.
he’s the one i can always run to, the one who keeps me on the ground
and who has been saving me so many times.
i guess I must me the luckiest girl on the planet to have him !


  • my family


they’re the best. i love them.

now that i have moved out i really miss them,

and try to see them as often as possible.



i really am thankful to have them!

  • my friends (i really mean all of them! i just had to chose a couple of photos out of a hundred!)


it’s a shame i don’t see them more often..

really makes me sad every once in a while.

but i know that i can always count on them, and that is what really matters!


these guys are almost like family to me, i really do love them! and i enjoy our music so much!


  • being in college

yes, honestly, i am.

although it is so hard right now, it sure is a great opportunity,

and i’m not gonna mess this one up!

i am thankful for all the new people i’ve met and friends i’ve made,

and i’m happy to have been given this chance to study!

  • my apartment-room

how long did it take me to get here?

this was a major step in my life, and it just feels so good.

thank you!

  • arts & music

this world would be so empty without it.

don’t ever take anything for granted.

try to live in the present moment 100%.

take a deep breath and think about what you’re thankful for.