College – Bars

hey there 🙂

actually, i’ve just gotten home from my third day at college.


imagine about 70 people, coming from everywhere across the whole planet in my hometown to study.

we got 22 nations covered!

here’s a list of all the countries featured by us students

i told you i need some quick grab’n’go treats to take with me when spending the whole day at college.

therefore, i created my own recipe for GRANOLA BARS!

they are very similar as my “homemade granola”, just as a comfy to-go snack.

i figured out 2 versions of these bars.

they are very easy to make and, again, very flexible.

put into your fav. ingredients, here are my tried versions:


classic  style

– 1/2 – 1 c. spelt flakes

– 1 c. amarath-pops

– 1 cup muesli mix (oats, raisins, sunflower seeds)

– 1/4 c. flax seed, shredded

– 3/4 – 1 c. nuts, chopped (i used almonds, cashews & pecans)

–> on a baking sheet, toast the above ingredients for about 10 min. at 150 – 200 ° C.

– 1 banana, mashed

– 1/2 c. rice-syrup

– 3- 4 T mylk

–  1 t salt

– 1 t carob-powder

– 1 – 3 T cinnamon

* optional: some instant coffee powder

–> mix these ingredients & set aside until your others are a little toasted.

then, mix everything & toss well.

layer everything on the baking sheet, pressing it until flat (depends on how thin/thick you want your bars to be).

turn on heat to 200° C. & bake for about 15-25 min., depending on how crunchy you want the bars to end up.

now, let cool down for about 20 min. & then cut into bars.

cool in fridge & enjoy!


fruity style

– 1 1/2 c. spelt flakes

– 1 1/2 c. amaranth pops

– 1/3 c. flaxseed, shredded

– 3/4 c. nuts, chopped (almonds, cashews, pecans)

– some dried figs, chopped (i used 7)

– some dried dates, chopped

– 3/4 c. raisins

– 1 banana, mashed

– 1/2 c. rice syrup

– 1/4 c. pure orange juice

– 1 t salt

– 1 t carob

– 2-4 T cinnamon

– 2 t ginger powder

*optional: 2 t instant coffee powder

-> see the instructions above at the “classic version” & follow them. 

roast the grains & nuts first & then add the wet mixture & toss well.

layer everything on a baking sheet &  press until flat, then bake.

when finished, let cool down & then cut in bars-forms.

i am so amazed!

these college – bars are so much cheaper, healthier & tastier than store-bought granola bars!

think about how much you would normally pay for such a bar.

college – bars don’t contain any trans fats. in fact, they contain no added fat at all!

more, these bars contain no sugar, but healthy, natural sweeteners.

short: they’re good for you, for the environment, animals, your heart & for your purse!  🙂


make your own composition of bars!

if you wonder what you could change, you may take a look at my “Index” – page for substitution-ideas.

i also kinda brainstormed and could offer you the following ideas:

– add chocolate! chocolate is great in any form: chocolate chips, totally chocolate-covered bars, cocoa powder instead of the carob;

– add some dried/dehydrated/fresh berries;

– add pieces of a banana;

– add peanut or any nut butter to the wet ingredients;

– add jam to the wet ingredients;

– reduce the amount of grains & use more nuts instead for a more “nutty” bar;

– add seeds! pumpkin, sunflower etc.;

– add shredded coconut/coconut-flakes;

have a good day,


Super-Easy Banana-Coffee-Icecream <3

*dieser post wird in Englisch verfasst, da ich grade großteils englisch denke, um mich auf eine prüfung vorzubereiten;)

Hey guys!

At this very moment I am enjoying my first selfmade banana-coffee icecream…yuuuuuum!


I’m pretty busy right now, for I need to focus on studying, rehearse with my band, work and, oh yeah, there’s the university as well!

Not even thinking of wanting to spend time with my bf and my homies..

But, when it all seems heavy and a little bit too much for one Sassi, I simply take a break, watch a TV-show (currently it’s “Private Practice”) in English(yeah, that’s at least something I do to improve my vocab- right?) and enjoy some comfort-food:)

Today I made ice-cream.

I don’t even dare to call it a “recipe”, for it’s so easy to make and doesn’t even take 10 minutes to prepare!

Still it’s even better than “good”, believe me! 🙂

Of course, this delicious thingy is dairy-free. But more than that, it’s also free from nuts and soy!

SO, what do you NEED?

– 2 bananas, preferably ripe

– some coffee (about half a cup)

– a freezer

– a hand-held blender

This “recipe” makes about 1 large or two small serves.

–> mash the bananas with the hand-held blender and start to slowly add the coffee. I wanted some smooth not to liquidly ice-cream, so I didn’t add much of coffee, just enough to have the flavour.


Then you’re done!:)

Just pour the stuff into some kind of jar (for me it did an old plastic cup) and put it into your freezer.

It takes about 1 and a half hour til the cream is really icy and creamy.

*Of course there are a whole lot of possibilities to “pimp up” this ice-cream.

You could add some rice-, soy-, or oatmilk instead or besides the coffee. You may need to increase the amout of banana here.

You could try to take 1 banana and some vegan yogurt.

You could add cinnamon, cocoa, carob or matcha.

You could take 1 banana and some frozen berries, or even omit the banana and make some solo-berrie-icecream.

Of course you are free to add as much maple-syrup, agave-nectar, stevia or sugar as you want! (I think the banana is sweet enough)

…and so on! just go with your imagination and try. It’s fun!:)

Here comes my favourite part:

EAT your icecream!:)

(and make another one;))

so, I’m off for some Private Practice now.