squirrelling & WIWW <3

happy wednesday!


when you have been around in the blogosphere for some time, you might have come across 2 new trends among the dear bloggers:

  •  WIAW = “What I Ate Wednesday“:

people take pics of their meals, snacks and beverages and share them with their readers. it’s become pretty popular, as far as i’ve seen. like a series that brings out a new episode every wednesday.

it’s cool to see what the vegan bloggies create for their every(-wednes-)day lives!


  •  WIWW = “What I Wore Wednesday“:

firstly seen at Victoria’s blog, bloggers simply show you what they wore, every wednesday.

even though i don’t really consider myself as a “fashionista“, i somehow really like the idea!



…so here comes my

#1 WIWW:




…with my beloved Martens…

well, what can i say?

it was freaking cold over here today!

i almost froze my fingers off.

but all that (fake-)wool kept me kinda warm when walking to and home from classes.

some days ago i was lying with my boy on the bed, watching some “One Tree Hill” and just chilling, when he wanted to give me a cute nickname and got kinda stuck in the middle of the sentence.

we normally don’t really “nickname” each other, but it was just so cozy, that he simply couldn’t help it, i guess;)

well, so he tried to find a cute word..you wanna know how he called me?


(of course, he nicely wrapped the word..)

i was almost laughing tears..oh man. hamsters are cute, for sure, but this was just really weird, funny and lovely. all at once!;)

actually, i sometimes really feel as if i was a gnawer.

i’m serious. at least i definitely am when it comes to food: totally hamster-ish i tend to hoard all kinds of stuff, and then eat it all by myself..(ok, maybe i’m even worse than hamsters are!)

i remember some time in middleschool, where my friends called me “squirrel”.

ok, i’m guilty.

i do hoard nuts and dried fruit and save them just for me.

this afternoon i was, once again, very hamster-ish and was just squirreling round when i had gotten home from college..

you know what i’m talking bout, right?

hot tea, some good music and loads of trail-mix. haha:)

P.s.: some scribbling i did yesterday..

xoxo & tofu,


post – gig & pre – college day.

i’ve never had a post -gig & pre -college day before.

i’ve had quite a lot post – gig days, yes, but it happens i’ve never had a pre -college day before.

this is, because i’ve never been to a college until tomorrow.

yes, i attended a few courses at the university last year, but tomorrow is different. tomorrow i’m gonna be a freshman student at the FH, which is gonna be my real college for at least the next 3 years.

am i excited?

hell, YES!!

i also had a gig with “Oh, I Taste The Queen” last night, which means, it was waaaay cool, but today i’m really groggy.

my metabolism is quite fast, which means i naturally burn a lot of calories.

therefore i need some extra-energy when being exhausted- and of course, i expect it to be delicious!


though i want to eat healthy, mostly unprocessed & of course vegan food!

i’m simply concerned that my body can use this kind of food the best way possible.



more, i’m pretty nervous about tomorrow, which normally means i eat less. stress & unhappiness always lead to not feeling hungry & losing weight, wich i cannot afford.

taking that into account, i need my food extra-extra yummy on such an important day!


here is what i recommend:


sweet, crunchy, healthy. what more could a girl want?

need caffein?

why not get really naughty & combine the granola with a chai-coffee shake?

oh, and don’t forget the extra-energy.

i chose nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews) & mixed them into the granola.

yes please.

i told ya, energy! 🙂

did you know i’m always craving fruit after a long night?

it’s as if the vitamins were calling my name.

i can’t escape!

speaking of vitamins: lots of veggies are perfect for a stressed out day.

for me, they just work, by not being heavy & saving me from having an empty stomach.

i figured i’m gonna need a lot of packed lunch when i’m in college.

so you tell me: what’s easier than bringing sandwiches?

therefore, i created my own SPREAD RECIPE today.

i’m sure you all know “hummus“.

see, even Zohan knows & loves it!

my boyfriends loves this movie! 😉

BUT, he had no idea what hummus was, until i explained it to him:

hummus, or “humus”, is a spread or dip made of mainly chickpeas. it’s savory & there are a number of different kinds of hummus. it’s very healthy, for it’s rich in protein, and tastes fantastically!

me, i had no chickpeas at hand, but what i did have, was LENTILS.

i really like the saying “everything in moderation“, cuz it’s true in most situations. as in my lentil-spread recipe!

it’s really easy & there’s a lot of room for taste – experiments.

and here it is:


you need:

– 1 1/2 c. cooked lentils, drained & rinsed

soy sauce

salt, pepper

spices: chili, oregano, basil, curcuma, majoram, garlic-powder, caraway-seeds; (omit what you don’t like & add what you like)

– a little water

1.) take the lentils & mash them with a hand-held blender

2.) add a little water & 2-3 T soy-sauce.

then start to add the salt, pepper & the spices you wanna use.

i used a whole lot of different ones. as long as you stick to “everything in moderation“, you can’t go wrong!

3.) that’s it! almost too easy to be called a “recipe”, huh? 🙂

no, i’m serious. just trust your tastebuds & try whatever you like!

this spread can be used as a regular spread on toast, bread or whatever, as a dip for veggies or tortilla chips or eaten by the spoonful!

i tried it on top of a cherry-tomato..

the tomato & me, we kinda liked it’s spread-hat! 🙂

oh, & because it’s the day inbetween 2 special days today, i thought i’d give you some extra-goodie.

maybe anyone is interested in my stage make-up?

it varies a little from gig to gig, but this is how i did it yesterday:

i always feel like a circus-clown before i enter the stage when being painted like this! 😉

tell me what’cha think about it!

so, wish me a good first day at college tomorrow!

your freshgirl,