post – gig & pre – college day.

i’ve never had a post -gig & pre -college day before.

i’ve had quite a lot post – gig days, yes, but it happens i’ve never had a pre -college day before.

this is, because i’ve never been to a college until tomorrow.

yes, i attended a few courses at the university last year, but tomorrow is different. tomorrow i’m gonna be a freshman student at the FH, which is gonna be my real college for at least the next 3 years.

am i excited?

hell, YES!!

i also had a gig with “Oh, I Taste The Queen” last night, which means, it was waaaay cool, but today i’m really groggy.

my metabolism is quite fast, which means i naturally burn a lot of calories.

therefore i need some extra-energy when being exhausted- and of course, i expect it to be delicious!


though i want to eat healthy, mostly unprocessed & of course vegan food!

i’m simply concerned that my body can use this kind of food the best way possible.



more, i’m pretty nervous about tomorrow, which normally means i eat less. stress & unhappiness always lead to not feeling hungry & losing weight, wich i cannot afford.

taking that into account, i need my food extra-extra yummy on such an important day!


here is what i recommend:


sweet, crunchy, healthy. what more could a girl want?

need caffein?

why not get really naughty & combine the granola with a chai-coffee shake?

oh, and don’t forget the extra-energy.

i chose nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews) & mixed them into the granola.

yes please.

i told ya, energy! 🙂

did you know i’m always craving fruit after a long night?

it’s as if the vitamins were calling my name.

i can’t escape!

speaking of vitamins: lots of veggies are perfect for a stressed out day.

for me, they just work, by not being heavy & saving me from having an empty stomach.

i figured i’m gonna need a lot of packed lunch when i’m in college.

so you tell me: what’s easier than bringing sandwiches?

therefore, i created my own SPREAD RECIPE today.

i’m sure you all know “hummus“.

see, even Zohan knows & loves it!

my boyfriends loves this movie! 😉

BUT, he had no idea what hummus was, until i explained it to him:

hummus, or “humus”, is a spread or dip made of mainly chickpeas. it’s savory & there are a number of different kinds of hummus. it’s very healthy, for it’s rich in protein, and tastes fantastically!

me, i had no chickpeas at hand, but what i did have, was LENTILS.

i really like the saying “everything in moderation“, cuz it’s true in most situations. as in my lentil-spread recipe!

it’s really easy & there’s a lot of room for taste – experiments.

and here it is:


you need:

– 1 1/2 c. cooked lentils, drained & rinsed

soy sauce

salt, pepper

spices: chili, oregano, basil, curcuma, majoram, garlic-powder, caraway-seeds; (omit what you don’t like & add what you like)

– a little water

1.) take the lentils & mash them with a hand-held blender

2.) add a little water & 2-3 T soy-sauce.

then start to add the salt, pepper & the spices you wanna use.

i used a whole lot of different ones. as long as you stick to “everything in moderation“, you can’t go wrong!

3.) that’s it! almost too easy to be called a “recipe”, huh? 🙂

no, i’m serious. just trust your tastebuds & try whatever you like!

this spread can be used as a regular spread on toast, bread or whatever, as a dip for veggies or tortilla chips or eaten by the spoonful!

i tried it on top of a cherry-tomato..

the tomato & me, we kinda liked it’s spread-hat! 🙂

oh, & because it’s the day inbetween 2 special days today, i thought i’d give you some extra-goodie.

maybe anyone is interested in my stage make-up?

it varies a little from gig to gig, but this is how i did it yesterday:

i always feel like a circus-clown before i enter the stage when being painted like this! 😉

tell me what’cha think about it!

so, wish me a good first day at college tomorrow!

your freshgirl,


VOICE TIPS for singers




any singers out there?

this post is dedicated to all the lovely and stunning voices this world has beared.



this posts topic is my experience in how to take care of your voice. 

i am a singer and would love to stay this way, which is why it is important to treat my instrument very well. 


having done several concerts before and having attended some vocal classes, i kind of collected some tips and tricks on how to look after my voice, which i want to share with you.


if you’re a singer, your body is your instrument.

health and training is all you got, and a cold can sometimes really mess it all up.


i am no professional voice choach or doctor, all i do is sharing my experiences, and since all our bodies are different, you need to find your own methods, but if you’re lucky, these tips might also work in your situation.


here are my personal recommendations:


1.) in general:

try to lead a healthy lifestyle. eat well, try to get enough sleep, work out and also try to get some balance „inside“.

meet friends and go out, but also take your time to relax and for yourself.


2.) diet:

especially a couple of days bevor your concert starts, mind, what you eat and drink.

since milk and dairy-products are known to harmful your voice by congesting it with mucous, a vegan diet is perfect for singers.


meat also does no good job when it comes to singing, because your body has to work hard to digest it, which, of course, is very hindering  & annoying on stage.


again, vegan foods are much better for your fitness and voice-capability.


it has also been said, that nuts and seeds are not that helpful when consuming them before singing.

i never had problems with any of them, but some singers would strongly discourage you from eating nuts or seeds.

you need to find out, if you don’t mind or if they cause you any problems!


another interesting fact i learned just recently ist hat too much vitamin C is bad for your voice.

therefore, you should avoid consuming too much citrus fruits and any other food containing a lot of vit. c!


eat wholefoods, as unprocessed as possible.

whole grains, veggies, not too much fruit(vit. c!), plantbased protein like lentils, beans, chickpeas, tofu will help your voice to be fine.


3.) little helpers:


– TEA!

tea is really great when it comes to singing, but remember to not drink it too hot.

   try camomile- & sage-tea.

for me, tea works best when sweetened a little with maple syrup and some mylk, but again this is up to your body.


* try adding a little ginger(-powder) to your tea or food! ginger has saved me many times.



 – bonbons!

i’m not kidding, try different kinds of herbal hard candy and see if any of them help.

(buy some without too much sugar and sans gelatine!)


– immune system

take care of your immune system!

of course, this should always bet the case, but if you’re a singer, it’s even more important.

keep the diet tips in mind and avoid to get too cold.

and don’t underestimate the sleep!

you should really try to get enough of it, so you can be fit and feel great when on stage.



4.)   what to do when your voice is already poor?


first, you should go after all the tips i mentioned before.

in an acute voice emergency, avoid speaking, but also whispering.

maybe you could get a small blackboard and simply write down what you wanted to say! 😉

no, i’m serious. don’t overcharge your voice, take time to rest and drink tea, tea, tea!








Band – update!

hey y’all! 🙂


as i promised, i am now writing an entire post about my one and only band: “Oh, I Taste The Queen”!

if you’re interested, go visit us at!


i’m just gonna copy  paste what’s written in the “about”-section on our facebook-page, so you get the idea:


Oh, I Taste The Queen” was born in march 2011, when Michi&Michi, Nico, Gregor and Saskia bumped into each other in a small rehearsal room in lovely & rocking Vienna.
Soon the 5 of them, each with his/her own musical history with several other bands and projects, found that the chemistry between them was just right, on both the personal and the musical level.

The band made its debut at the “BERGWERK” (Neusiedl) on 17.June 2011 by rocking the stage along with the local bands “Schilfgürtel” and “Gravitation”.
Songs were written at high speed, a gig at the “BORG Wr.Neustadt” school festival in july 2011 followed, and eventually the band made it into the final of the “America Is Waiting”-contest, which is run by the Landesjugendreferat Burgenland and was held at the legendary “Cselley Mühle” (Oslip).

Totally unexpected “Oh, I Taste The Queen” won the contest, which opened up some promising opportunities for the band: 100 copies of the “live-performance at the final, a gig at the “Picture On Festival” (Bildein), a number of other gigs and 5 days in the “Webros” recording studio.

The band all in all is highly motivated to develop, play shows, write more and more songs and, what’s most important: to ENJOY playing music!

What’s one of the most remarkable features of the young band is that there is no “leader” in the common sense, for all the songs are written together. 
“Oh, I Taste The Queen” combines artistically challenging music and “catchy tunes”, by writing songs that are appealing, but far from boring, the members kind of express themselves through their music, which guarantees the songs to be authentic and lively.


–> for more infos about our next gigs and some mp3’s to listen to, go like us on facebook!


i totally like LOVE my guys, they’re awesome! 🙂

here are some pics of us rocking the stage:





what can i say?


i love us! ;P


see you,


“tempus fugit” motif…

tempus fugit? what the heck is that?

well, this is a motive i found in a poem by Marvell. it means “time flies”, or better: there is too little time we spend doing some unimportant stuff while time flies by at high speed.

i bumped into that motive when studying for the final exam at university. i attended the “approaching literatures in english”- lectures this term and the written exam takes part on june 30th.

which means i should really be studying right now.

but, according to the tempus fugit motif i decided to focus on some more important things for a while, like, for example, composing a new post on my blog!:)

i am certain that the lectures would totally understand!

once again i’m pretty busy right now. yes, the CAE is over(for now, let’s see if i passed), but there’s a whole lot of things coming up this time.

f.e., on june 14th my incredibly brilliant boyfriend took me out on a “anniversary-date” to celebrate the two of us being a couple for one year now. pretty long time for me, but it was the best year i ever had! 🙂

so, my bf wanted to surprise me and didn’t tell me where we were heading to. i just had to sit in the car and keep guessing where he would take me.

eventually we stopped in vienna, near the UNI, and there we were: at the most wonderful vegetarian restaurant one could possibly imagine!

i need to mention that my bf is NOT a vegetarian, but he looked up the best restaurants in vienna on the internet and picked the first one that was offering vegetarian food.

believe me: i was STUNNED and soooo happy! such a sweet and thoughtful thing of him to to! ❤

the restaurant was very upper-classish, but the staff was all kind and made us feel as if we were royals.

the rest. offered only one meal containing meat, about 4 meals with fish and about 15 meals that were vegan or at least vegetarian! i felt as if i had found heaven, or, as if my boy found heaven for me!

as you can imagine the food was more than delicious, and, another nice aspect: it was really affordable. of course, we paid more than we could pay every day for food, BUT to celebrate a special occasion, the prizes were absolutely okay, especially when thinking of the great food and the excellent service!

i also loved how the rest. was decorated: it looked both noble and comfortable, with a lot of pretty plants & flowers and the decoration was mostly green(my fav. colour!!:))

i’m sorry there are no photos, but i didn’t dare to take out my phone and take some pics, cuz this would have seemed pretty strange, i think;)

(if anyone wants to know the name of the rest., write me a message!)

so, i’d say this was a pretty much perfect anniversary!

what else happened?

well, last friday i kinda rocked the stage!

yes, “Oh, I Taste The Queen” did their first live-concert.

aaaaaand who’s the singer of the band?

Right. ME! 😉

my guys were awesome, we had a lot of fun and the audience seemed to really enjoy our performance.

we played for about an hour and i wore some super-cute dress i just bought recently at “Forever 21”, especially for that show!

my drummer-girl told me i looked like a dark ballerina 🙂

i also bought a whole lot of jewellery (rings, necklaces,..) in order to really look like THE SINGER of my amazing band!:)

i think we did a great job and i’m happy to have got some really nice and positive feedback after the show.

our next concert is only 2 days ahead!   awwww i’m nervous and EXCITED!!

ah, and, just for the record, today i made some more of my granola.

but i couldn’t find any dried fruit, so i just added some frozen berries, which turned out not so well, because the whole thing ended up being way to liquidish and sticky. i mean, it was kinda good, but i still prefer the dried fruit.

okey, i can hear Shakespeare calling my name ..i think i need to go on studying.

who can ignore it when some old poets call them?

so, read me soon,