post – gig & pre – college day.

i’ve never had a post -gig & pre -college day before.

i’ve had quite a lot post – gig days, yes, but it happens i’ve never had a pre -college day before.

this is, because i’ve never been to a college until tomorrow.

yes, i attended a few courses at the university last year, but tomorrow is different. tomorrow i’m gonna be a freshman student at the FH, which is gonna be my real college for at least the next 3 years.

am i excited?

hell, YES!!

i also had a gig with “Oh, I Taste The Queen” last night, which means, it was waaaay cool, but today i’m really groggy.

my metabolism is quite fast, which means i naturally burn a lot of calories.

therefore i need some extra-energy when being exhausted- and of course, i expect it to be delicious!


though i want to eat healthy, mostly unprocessed & of course vegan food!

i’m simply concerned that my body can use this kind of food the best way possible.



more, i’m pretty nervous about tomorrow, which normally means i eat less. stress & unhappiness always lead to not feeling hungry & losing weight, wich i cannot afford.

taking that into account, i need my food extra-extra yummy on such an important day!


here is what i recommend:


sweet, crunchy, healthy. what more could a girl want?

need caffein?

why not get really naughty & combine the granola with a chai-coffee shake?

oh, and don’t forget the extra-energy.

i chose nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews) & mixed them into the granola.

yes please.

i told ya, energy! 🙂

did you know i’m always craving fruit after a long night?

it’s as if the vitamins were calling my name.

i can’t escape!

speaking of vitamins: lots of veggies are perfect for a stressed out day.

for me, they just work, by not being heavy & saving me from having an empty stomach.

i figured i’m gonna need a lot of packed lunch when i’m in college.

so you tell me: what’s easier than bringing sandwiches?

therefore, i created my own SPREAD RECIPE today.

i’m sure you all know “hummus“.

see, even Zohan knows & loves it!

my boyfriends loves this movie! 😉

BUT, he had no idea what hummus was, until i explained it to him:

hummus, or “humus”, is a spread or dip made of mainly chickpeas. it’s savory & there are a number of different kinds of hummus. it’s very healthy, for it’s rich in protein, and tastes fantastically!

me, i had no chickpeas at hand, but what i did have, was LENTILS.

i really like the saying “everything in moderation“, cuz it’s true in most situations. as in my lentil-spread recipe!

it’s really easy & there’s a lot of room for taste – experiments.

and here it is:


you need:

– 1 1/2 c. cooked lentils, drained & rinsed

soy sauce

salt, pepper

spices: chili, oregano, basil, curcuma, majoram, garlic-powder, caraway-seeds; (omit what you don’t like & add what you like)

– a little water

1.) take the lentils & mash them with a hand-held blender

2.) add a little water & 2-3 T soy-sauce.

then start to add the salt, pepper & the spices you wanna use.

i used a whole lot of different ones. as long as you stick to “everything in moderation“, you can’t go wrong!

3.) that’s it! almost too easy to be called a “recipe”, huh? 🙂

no, i’m serious. just trust your tastebuds & try whatever you like!

this spread can be used as a regular spread on toast, bread or whatever, as a dip for veggies or tortilla chips or eaten by the spoonful!

i tried it on top of a cherry-tomato..

the tomato & me, we kinda liked it’s spread-hat! 🙂

oh, & because it’s the day inbetween 2 special days today, i thought i’d give you some extra-goodie.

maybe anyone is interested in my stage make-up?

it varies a little from gig to gig, but this is how i did it yesterday:

i always feel like a circus-clown before i enter the stage when being painted like this! 😉

tell me what’cha think about it!

so, wish me a good first day at college tomorrow!

your freshgirl,


“Wake Me Up – Cup”

“Wake me up, before you go, go…

I’m sure you all love know this song. Some might find it too “kitchy”, but I always kinda liked it:)

As you might also know by now, I’m not the breakfast sort of girl.

This means, if “breakfast” stands for real meals right after I woke up.

Buuuuuut, the thing I discovered over the years, is that typical “breakfast” is even better when enjoyed during the day, or even at night!

Oh yeah, you heard me, I said night.

Everytime I’m kinda stressed or just exhausted, I’m really craving for some breakfasty stuff, like yogurt, fruit, oats and of course granola.

So, today I bettered my routine-snack meals and combined all this stuff.

You see the result right here:looks AMAZING, right? 🙂

I call it the


you need:

– vegan yogurt (i prefer “alpro soy yogurt“, the classic version)

– lemonjuice (mixed into the yogurt, i like this, but you can omit)

– fresh/frozen berries

– fresh pineapple

– some homemade, vegan GRANOLA (see the recipe some posts ago!)

–>  do it layer by layer:

you could, for example

1.) start with a layer of granola

2.) pour some yogurt onto it

3.) top the yogurt with some of the fruit

4.) then, again, top the fruit with some yogurt

5. ) finally, put the rest of the fruit onto the yogurt layer and top it with even more granola…:)

but that’s just one way to go, you can do, however you like! 

um, yes, I also topped the whole thing with some cinnamon, which tastes just lovely. some other ideas that came into my mind were your fav. nuts, some maplesyrup or other sweetener, some chocolate nibs, cocoa or carob, or even, if you want your cup really naughty, some chocolate-syrup! (don’t forget to check if it’s vegan!)

this cup is really flexible, so just do, however you please! 🙂

oh, talking bout flexible, I eventually got my results of the CAE, and I’m proud and happy to announce: I MADE IT!

I passed at grade B, so it’s real, the FH is just waiting for me! :)))

okay, ready for some more food-porn?

…oooh yeeeah…:)that’s it! (and yes, I am a little obsessed with my granola-creation) 🙂

read me soon,

stay cruelty free ! 🙂


home alone..

..or not alone at all! 🙂

tonight i am doing some brother-sitting, for- guess what- my parents went to see the just released final part of “harry-potter“!

well, i’m kinda glad they get some time on their own, and i also enjoy spending some time with my little brother. i’ve got two of them, but the elder “lil’ bro” is not so little any more..he’s a lot taller than me these days, though he’s about 4 years younger than me! i guess that’s just the way it goes, right?

i’ve been very lucky with my little-or-not-so-little- brothers, and i’m happy when i get to spend some time with them.

tonight my still-little-one and I read some brand new “phineas and ferb” comic, dressed up the cat with some sunglasses to make it look like an agent and had a really good time.

oh, and i’ve been kinda hungry (it was band-rehearsal time today, btw, i’m gonna write an entire post about my guys soon!), so i also decided to make some good old GRANOLA.

(this evening, i also added flaxseed and used applesauce instead of the honey for sweetening- it’s still GREAT!!)

oh, and i doubled the recipe, because this thingy is so delicious(and healthy!) that it never gets to pass the “3-days-alive”-border..therefore i made enough for not just one, but TWO huge boxes! HA! 🙂

hmmm….yummy 🙂

OF COURSE i offered my miniman some of the granola, but however often i asked him, he wouldn’t be brave enough to try..i guess, if there’s never “kellog’s” printed on it, he just doesn’t care.

yes, first i was a little frustrated, but in the end i had some enlightenment: this means MORE for ME! (yes, i am that greedy when it comes to this granola..but don’t say i didn’t try!)

so i kept stuffing granola into my mouth while he stuck to what he always eats..but this kiddo is 7, so, there’s still time for him to change his mind(or get his mind changed..just kidding!;))

yes, i just want you to look at it. stare it down, you can never win. 😉

today i had another meat/dairy-or-not-discussion with some of my gets kinda exhausting. i’m still no full-time-vegan, but i’m really trying to exclude all kind of dairy as far as possible.

but, if you look at this granola, taste how PERFECT it is, think of all the healthy stuff it contains and then get to know that it’s totally cruelty-free- who could possibly not be excited?

it’s high in healthy carbohydrates, full of fruit, contains no added transfats, but essential fatty acids, has zero non-natural sweeteners in it but a whole lot POWER.

me, i AM totally excited!

oh, my little one is already asleep.

sweet dreams, my boy 🙂

“tempus fugit” motif…

tempus fugit? what the heck is that?

well, this is a motive i found in a poem by Marvell. it means “time flies”, or better: there is too little time we spend doing some unimportant stuff while time flies by at high speed.

i bumped into that motive when studying for the final exam at university. i attended the “approaching literatures in english”- lectures this term and the written exam takes part on june 30th.

which means i should really be studying right now.

but, according to the tempus fugit motif i decided to focus on some more important things for a while, like, for example, composing a new post on my blog!:)

i am certain that the lectures would totally understand!

once again i’m pretty busy right now. yes, the CAE is over(for now, let’s see if i passed), but there’s a whole lot of things coming up this time.

f.e., on june 14th my incredibly brilliant boyfriend took me out on a “anniversary-date” to celebrate the two of us being a couple for one year now. pretty long time for me, but it was the best year i ever had! 🙂

so, my bf wanted to surprise me and didn’t tell me where we were heading to. i just had to sit in the car and keep guessing where he would take me.

eventually we stopped in vienna, near the UNI, and there we were: at the most wonderful vegetarian restaurant one could possibly imagine!

i need to mention that my bf is NOT a vegetarian, but he looked up the best restaurants in vienna on the internet and picked the first one that was offering vegetarian food.

believe me: i was STUNNED and soooo happy! such a sweet and thoughtful thing of him to to! ❤

the restaurant was very upper-classish, but the staff was all kind and made us feel as if we were royals.

the rest. offered only one meal containing meat, about 4 meals with fish and about 15 meals that were vegan or at least vegetarian! i felt as if i had found heaven, or, as if my boy found heaven for me!

as you can imagine the food was more than delicious, and, another nice aspect: it was really affordable. of course, we paid more than we could pay every day for food, BUT to celebrate a special occasion, the prizes were absolutely okay, especially when thinking of the great food and the excellent service!

i also loved how the rest. was decorated: it looked both noble and comfortable, with a lot of pretty plants & flowers and the decoration was mostly green(my fav. colour!!:))

i’m sorry there are no photos, but i didn’t dare to take out my phone and take some pics, cuz this would have seemed pretty strange, i think;)

(if anyone wants to know the name of the rest., write me a message!)

so, i’d say this was a pretty much perfect anniversary!

what else happened?

well, last friday i kinda rocked the stage!

yes, “Oh, I Taste The Queen” did their first live-concert.

aaaaaand who’s the singer of the band?

Right. ME! 😉

my guys were awesome, we had a lot of fun and the audience seemed to really enjoy our performance.

we played for about an hour and i wore some super-cute dress i just bought recently at “Forever 21”, especially for that show!

my drummer-girl told me i looked like a dark ballerina 🙂

i also bought a whole lot of jewellery (rings, necklaces,..) in order to really look like THE SINGER of my amazing band!:)

i think we did a great job and i’m happy to have got some really nice and positive feedback after the show.

our next concert is only 2 days ahead!   awwww i’m nervous and EXCITED!!

ah, and, just for the record, today i made some more of my granola.

but i couldn’t find any dried fruit, so i just added some frozen berries, which turned out not so well, because the whole thing ended up being way to liquidish and sticky. i mean, it was kinda good, but i still prefer the dried fruit.

okey, i can hear Shakespeare calling my name ..i think i need to go on studying.

who can ignore it when some old poets call them?

so, read me soon,


Quick Power Breakfast for No-Breakfast-Girls

Tomorrow I’m having my Cambridge CAE exam..I’m getting more nervous every second. And because I’m never hungry when being nervous or feeling bad, I thought of some easy, quick and not too rich breakfast idea, in order to give me power for the day.

Here is what I’m gonna eat before leaving for the test tomorrow morning:

– 1 banana, chopped (other fruit is also possible, just add however you desire!)

– 1/2 cup Amaranth-Pops

– 1/4 cup granola (with dried fruit and oats)

– 1- 2 T ricesyrup

– 1-2 T lemonjuice

– 1-2 cups soymylk (i.e. “Alpro”)

–> mix everything well by hand and enjoy. It’s easy, doesn’t take 5 minutes to prepare, provides you with energy while not being too much.

Oh, and it’s yummy!:)

Have fun, S.

“Sassi’s Granola”


today I felt all groggy and exhaused, I had to work for 5 hours at the shop and didn’t really get much sleep the last couple of nights.

so I decided to make me my first homemade granola to cheer me up and give me my power back!:)

here you go, I just mixed some of my fav ingredients and threw everything mixed up in a baking-pan to roast the stuff until it was golden and chrunchy.

“sassi’s granola”

(enough for a big box)

– 2 c. oats/spelt, roasted

– 1 c. oat-raisin-seeds-mixture

– 1 c. amaranth-pops

– 1 c. dried cherries

– 1 c. dried dates, chopped

– 1-2 c. banana-chips  bananas, chopped

– 2 T carob

– 2 T cinnamon

– 3/4 c. honey-ricesyrup  applesauce-maplesyrup- mixture

– 1/2 c. chai-tea

1. toast the oats + raisin-oats mix in the pan

2. let the dates, cherries & bananas sit in the hot chai

3. mix amaranth-pops, cinnamon, carob  & banana-chips & then slowly add the roasted oats & fruit

4. add the syrup-mixture and mix everything well (I did this by hand)

5. throw everything in your pan and roast the whole thingy

7. let it cool down and put it in a glass or metalbox;

and that’s it!

  *edit: you can also roast your granola in the oven, on a baking-sheet!

i’m sure this tastes yummy with some soy- or other nondairy mylk, as it would do with yome yogurt, water or even fruitjuice.

or, if you’re as into granola as I am, you can just have the “pure enjoyment” by eating your granola “raw” and all by itself. 🙂

oh, and, by the way: this granola is absolutely healthy, guilt-free, vegan and delicious!

it doesn’t contain any nuts or soy but it full of energy and taste!




i made some different varieties of this basic granola recipe. so, if you’re looking for some easy changes, extra add-ins or extra benefits, take a look at these:

“Granola Bars”


“Breakfast Cup” (also snack-worthy!)

feel free to play around with this recipe!


happy granola-eating! 🙂