2 posts per day?

yes, this is my 2nd post for today.

a little earlier i asked myself if it was cool okay to do 2 posts on 1 day.

fact is, i don’t know if there are any “rules“, so i’m simply gonna make it okay!

i think i’m gonna be pretty busy the next couple of days, considering that i’m giving a concert with my band “Oh, I Taste The Queen” on saturday, a long rehearsal tomorrow and the FH (college) starting on monday.

therefore, i take the chance and use this probably last lazy evening in a while to write more and more posts.

this posts topic is simple, savory and still yummy! (sorry, all you savory foods, but i’m just more the sweet kind of girl. always will be, ever was. not to take it personal on you!)

these 2 recipes are both easy and quick to make:


–> need some side dish containing veggies? here you go! all you need’s a pan, your fav. veggies, spices, oil & vinegar.

by the way, did you know that vinegar is good for you?

as Katie already mentioned on her blog, vinegar can help you

– alleviate joint pain and stiffness, arthritis, and weak bonea

– remove toxins from the body by helping to improve bowel irregularity

– clear up skin conditions and blemishes, giving one a smoothier complexion

– break down fats for easier use in the body

– alleviate heartburn and headaches

– circulation and blood flow

– regulate blood pressure and metabolism

quite cool, huh? 🙂

also, i really like the taste. if you don’t, feel free to leave out the vinegar and just go with the oil!

i was really lazy & used:

– 1 zucchini, sliced in halves

– chopped green pepper

– some cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves

for the taste (these are just examples & what i used):

– salt

– pepper

– chilli

– oregano

– other spices

– 3-5 T of any vegetable oil

– 2-3 T apple cider vinegar

* 1-2 T pure lemon-juice

–> just turn on heat & grill your veggies as long as you think it takes! i prefer mine slightly brown:)


a recipe as easy as the above one, that can be served as main dish.

the beans provide you with protein, the veggies do the rest. another really lazy meal, but nonetheless delicious and satisfying.

get a pan. again.

now, just add:

beans, cooked, drained & rinsed

– some pieces of zucchini, peppers and whatever you have at hand

* feel fry to add some peanuts, sunflower- or pumpkin seeds

vegetable oil (i used olive oil)

soy sauce

* vinegar, if you like

* pure lemon-juice, if you like

– pepper

– chilli

ginger powder

– basil

then, make these thingies sweat. 

(sorry, for the poor quality)

i really loved this dish!

so much for the healthy fast-food.

today i got some quite cool things from “DM”:

dried figs

spelt flakes 

amaranth pops (i used them for my “double choc. muffins” and my boyfriend loved the taste of these lil’ goodies! thumbs up!)

flax seeds, shredded

– huge packet of trail-mix (yep,along with the dried figs, one of my top 3 snacks!)

also, i needed some vegan make-up and stuff. 

i’m happy to have found the “alverde” brand at “DM”, the products are great and they are cruelty free!

 this is

– powder

– kajal

– mascara

– volume shampoo

– make-up remover (yes, you’re right: not in the picture!)


this was my second and last post for today.

let’s get back to bed!



my fav. kind of shopping..

hey there 🙂


today i spontaneously went to vienna, because i wanted had to go to a shop i recently spotted: “maran”.

it’s a huge bio-market, one of the leading providers of biological food in austria, as i just learned, and offers a whole lot of vegetarian/vegan food. you can google it and go to their homepage if you wish to learn more about it, but i needed to see this place with my own eyes.

besides the fact you can also buy meat and dairy-products at this store, it’s close to paradise for veggies!



“what? didn’t the title say this post would be about my fav. kind of shopping?”

is that girl crazy?


well, i know it’s weird, especially for a girl, but i never was a fan of those endless-seeming shopping-trips..

it always kinda annoys me, the only fun-shopping i can think of when talking about clothes is when i shop for some dress i need for the stage. btw, “Forever21” is my favourite when it comes to stage-outfits!


but, i’m afraid, i don’t really like to run from store to store just “for fun”..oh, and i HATE shoe-shopping!

i warned you, i’m pretty weird! 😉


but when it comes to buying new, exotic food, i’m totally in!


let’s see what went into my non-plastic shopping bag today..



noooow we’re talking! 🙂


i got

– a huge glass of applesauce (unsweetened!)

– fairtrade cocoa powder (dark & unsweetened…yum!)

– 2 different kinds of cookies

(my bf happened to love them, when he tried them! 🙂 i bought splet-choc. & wheat-vanilla flavoured ones)

– a packet agar-agar

– a glass of peanutbutter, crunchy

– a glass of sugarcane-molasse-syrup

margarine, for baking


– 2 packs of tofu, 1 basil- & 1 chilli-flavoured

– a batch of dried figs (yes, they’re not on the photo..i already ate them. i’m crazy for this stuff! )



(sorry for the bad photo-quality..)


i carried all those things back home in my just bought linen-bag. i’m happy to have it, and happy to help our planet with this simple and cheap alternative to plastic bags. (just think of how often you get a plastic-bag in a shop, carry home your things and then rarely use it again..while you keep getting new plastic bags all the time. it’s absurd!)


all my new products leave me with one question:   “what am i going to do with them?”


you need to know, i don’t always eat sweet things..

it’s true, if i had to choose, i’d take some vegan treat over a bagle..but of course i also eat savoury stuff.

one clean proof would be this:


i made this some time ago, it’s a sort of spicy veggie-champignon-pan, topped with some seeds.


i plan to more and more include my non-dessert meals into this blog, but, just so you have an idea, my preferred foods are beans, lentils, all kind of veggies, especially broccoli, mushrooms, potatoes, amaranth, quinoa, kamut, spelt, rice and a whoooole lot of spices! 😉


i don’t really eat tofu often, but once in a while, i really enjoy it.



hmm, i somehow changed the subject..did you recognise?;)


i initially was going to tell you what i will be up next to:


– some sort of “lentil-curry”

“roasted tofu-experiment with veggies”

“bean butter”

“spicy bean & vinegar – duet”

– i’ll try Katie’s “banana butter”


aaaaand there are of course be some new dessert/breakfast creations coming up!

(i dream of my own vegan version of the famous “OREO cookies“..)


so, stay on the train!

oh my gosh, i totally love this healthy, delicious, cruelty-free, affordable and creative vegan diet! 😀

(i’m really processing here! i just ordered a pizza sans cheese, so it was tomatosauce, mushrooms &  corn..it tasted fabulous! and yesterday i was at a kind of family feast: we grilled, and i got wonderful grilled veggies and huge champignons, so i, once again was all vegan! i’s hard when it comes to other people’s rude comments, but i’m really really proud. proud and happy.)


read me soon!


yours s.