Super-Easy Banana-Coffee-Icecream <3

*dieser post wird in Englisch verfasst, da ich grade großteils englisch denke, um mich auf eine prüfung vorzubereiten;)

Hey guys!

At this very moment I am enjoying my first selfmade banana-coffee icecream…yuuuuuum!


I’m pretty busy right now, for I need to focus on studying, rehearse with my band, work and, oh yeah, there’s the university as well!

Not even thinking of wanting to spend time with my bf and my homies..

But, when it all seems heavy and a little bit too much for one Sassi, I simply take a break, watch a TV-show (currently it’s “Private Practice”) in English(yeah, that’s at least something I do to improve my vocab- right?) and enjoy some comfort-food:)

Today I made ice-cream.

I don’t even dare to call it a “recipe”, for it’s so easy to make and doesn’t even take 10 minutes to prepare!

Still it’s even better than “good”, believe me! 🙂

Of course, this delicious thingy is dairy-free. But more than that, it’s also free from nuts and soy!

SO, what do you NEED?

– 2 bananas, preferably ripe

– some coffee (about half a cup)

– a freezer

– a hand-held blender

This “recipe” makes about 1 large or two small serves.

–> mash the bananas with the hand-held blender and start to slowly add the coffee. I wanted some smooth not to liquidly ice-cream, so I didn’t add much of coffee, just enough to have the flavour.


Then you’re done!:)

Just pour the stuff into some kind of jar (for me it did an old plastic cup) and put it into your freezer.

It takes about 1 and a half hour til the cream is really icy and creamy.

*Of course there are a whole lot of possibilities to “pimp up” this ice-cream.

You could add some rice-, soy-, or oatmilk instead or besides the coffee. You may need to increase the amout of banana here.

You could try to take 1 banana and some vegan yogurt.

You could add cinnamon, cocoa, carob or matcha.

You could take 1 banana and some frozen berries, or even omit the banana and make some solo-berrie-icecream.

Of course you are free to add as much maple-syrup, agave-nectar, stevia or sugar as you want! (I think the banana is sweet enough)

…and so on! just go with your imagination and try. It’s fun!:)

Here comes my favourite part:

EAT your icecream!:)

(and make another one;))

so, I’m off for some Private Practice now.