Holiday Round-Up


Hello my dearest readers!


I know, i know, I’ve been absent for quite a time now..


but, a girl has to enjoy her holiday, right?

so, here’s a review of my break, and I can tell you, i loved every moment of it.



To start, a lil pic of a delicious x-mas meal with my family: RACLETTE! a very good choice when dining with omnivores..;)



here’s some presents I gave to some friends of mine:

Cookies & Muffins IN A JAR!


It’s so easy to make, you simply add all the dry ingredients of the recipe you chose and then add a nice card with directions of what wet ingredients to add and how to prepare the yummy treats.

simple, inexpensive and such a pretty gift!




i brought my beloved cookies in a HUGE jar for christmas evening..:)




I had both of my brothers over for some time in my apartment, and we had a great time.


Here’s one meal I prepared for one brother and me, the opener of a very relaxed, interesting evening we spent catching up and watching some funny series:




I created this meal by using a self-created recipe consisting of spicy tofu, red beans, tomatoes, spices, chilis and, of course, tortilla chips!


My brother was impressed and loved the totally vegan meal.


For my other brother, who is 7 by now, I prepared vegan hot-dogs, which unfortunately were gone before I could take photos, but just let me tell you that he, although being generally a very very picky eater, inhaled the hot-dogs!

I was so happy he liked them and only told him the meat-less truth after he ate the doggies- he truly loved the vegan food! 🙂



I did spend a lot of time reading a book I got as a christmas present myself: FOOD REVOLUTION by John Robbins.

A very interesting read!




I experimented with avocados and created some yummy chocolate mousse by adding bananas and cocoa powder. YUM!



My granny gave me this to make BAKED APPLES.

I added lemonjuice and cinnamon to taste..this thing is so cute!





Another thing I did a lot is drawing.

The boyfriend got me some great materials for sketching and I practiced a lot.

I found sketching is very relaxing and balances me somehow.


here are some results:










Oh, and I’ve (again) been quite hamstering throughout the holiday..


Enough with the holiday, it’s time to get some work done and find back to my average routine.

That’s why I start every day with some sport and spend at least 2 hours daily with studying for a test I will be having in february.


Again, I could use some more holiday…;)



So, tell me, how has your holiday been?

Yours, S.