cookies rather than WIWW

no, you won’t get any WIWW pics today..



truth be told, i’ve been sick for a couple of days now..a bad, annoying flu in the middle of my finals..yay.

i look like a mess right now and don’t really care bout my clothes..but I do care about what’s in my tummy!


so, instead of getting pics of me, i give you pics of these:

good compensation?:)

to brighten up this  horrible time right now, i decided to create the ultimative get-well-soon cookie! it includes chocolate, nutbutter and  chickpeas..definitely a winner!

based on CCK’s choc.chip blondies, i gave it a try to make up a cookie recipe.

oh my gosh, it turned out just perfect!

due to me being not in the right condition to going out and shop plus not having much at hand right now, this recipe is really easy and does not call for any “special” ingredients at all.

(let’s simply ignore the fact of me having no chocolate at daddy had to bring his little, oh-so-adult girly girl some chocolate! love you, daddy <3)


anyways, try it and be amazed!




yields about 12 cookies, but i would highly recommend to double the recipe! 


– 2 c. chickpeas (cooked, rinsed and drained)

– 1 c. riceflour (i used white)

-3/4 -1 c. spelt flour

-1 T nutbutter (peanut-, almond-,…)

-1T oil

-1 T baking powder

-1 T baking soda (natron)


sweetener (depending on your sweet tooth)

– 1 t salt

– some mylk (about 1/4 to 1/3 c.)

choc. chips

*note: this recipe is very flexible. you can easily switch

proportions of the flour and for example just use spelt-flour. more,

you can use either 2 T nutbutter or 2 T oil,

depending on what you have at hand.

maybe you could even sub water for the mylk,

but i haven’t tried myself.


mash the chickpeas & slowly add all the ingredients except for the chocolate chips. mix everything very well.

then, add your chips and put the cookiedough on a baking sheet, depending on how big you want your cookies. you can even make cookie-balls!

turn on heat to about 200°C and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.

let cool and indulge! 🙂

honestly, i believe these are the best cookies i ever made had.

i promised i’d save some for my family..this is gonna be hard!


birthday cookie cake!


i still owe you a birthday-post!

actually, this is a post-birthday post..some time passed since i turned 19, and i just happened to not find any time to tell you bout it!

(college’s a bitch.)


before i moved out, my mom made me a beautiful and delicious vegan cake for my 19th.

it could be called the “cake of my dreams” 🙂

based on katies’s recipe, i got a chocolate-chip cookie cake and modified a little.


i always used to be more the crunchy cookie kinda girl, as opposed to the gooey cake kind.

this cake therefore was like a giant cookie, included chocolate chips, chickpeas(don’t panic!), cinnamon, and was even topped with a layer of light chocolate and some white, rice based chocolate…heaven!




served with some vegan, soy-based ice cream..yuuuum.


got hungry yet?:)


cool thing was, that all my non-even-close-to-vegan family members LOVED it!

so did my boyfriend. having served him various vegan treats over the time, this cake definitely was one of his favorites so far!:)


isn’t this mini-bottle cute? (we had 3 of them, by the way ;> )





measured by the little amount of time it took us to finish it, we should really consider making 2 of these for the next birthday! 😉



have a nice saturday,

s. (who right now is sorry that this cake is gone..)



how to impress non-vegans

hey fellows!

i’ve been vegan for a short while now, and i’m really working on my confidence to sticking with it!

every vegan out there sure will know what i’m talking about: family-dinners, parties, eation out with non-vegans and so on always leads to discussions and these situations often are not so easy to handle.

you need to talk about your reasons over and over again, bear with rude comments and annoyed looks and are the centre of discussions soon as anybody notices- to someone who doesn’t like being in the spotlight, like me, that’s not really fun.

today i’m invited to a small barbecue at my uncle&aunt’s. my good friend Lena is also coming, and we’re gonna eat, chat & make some music there.

when the idea come up we soon got talking about who’s gonna bring what.

i offered to take care of some vegan alternatives such as vegan burgers and Lena said she would be happy to bring a tiramisú, but she would, of course, use eggs and dairy for this dessert.

here i was again: abandoning dessert? me? nah. 

therefore i decided to bring some vegan dessert. my uncle, by the way, implied that he couldn’t believe a dessert without eggs & dairy could taste well…to me, this made my desicion even more clear: this called for a challenge!

when i thought of a simple but delicious vegan dessert that would that would knock these non-vegans socks of, i became aware of the fact that i needed to find a recipe that would not taste that healthy as i usually like it.

so, who could resist or question



hence these little goodies need to show off to non-vegans, the recipe contains more sugar than i would normally use, so that nobody would notice a difference in taste to regular muffins. so, if you like a more “healthy” or less-sweet taste, you can easily cut down the amount of sugar or use some other sweetener.

i didn’t have any paper muffin liners, so i alternatively used pieces of baking paper(15x15cm) and put them into the muffin-pan. it worked! 😉

i found the recipe on the internet and made some small changes:

(makes 12 muffins)

– 1 c. mylk (i used “oat dream”)

– 1. T apple cider vinegar

– 3/4 c. brown sugar

– 1/3 c. olive oil (or any other vegetable oil)

– 1 packet vanilla-sugar

– 1 c. whole wheat flour

– 1/2 c. wheat flour

– 1/2 – 1 c. amaranth-pops

– 1/3 c. unsweetened cocoa

– 3/4 t baking soda (natron)

– 1/2 t baking powder

– 1/2 – 1 T cinnamon

– dash of salt

– 12 pieces of chocolate

–> mix the wet ingredients and then slowly add the dry ones. mix well but not too long!

fill the dough into your baking form & press 1 piece of chocolate into each muffin.

bake for about 22 min. at 175° C., then let cool down.

both of my little brothers tried the muffins and LOVED them!

(one of them even woke from the smell & came down asking “oh my god, how delicious does that smell?!”) 😉

i am sooo excited if these muffins will convince my non-vegan fellows!

i consider them to be too good to be true🙂

especially the melty chocolate core in the middle of these chocolatey dreams will score today, i guess! 🙂

so, try these and stay strong!

i will.