“Wake Me Up – Cup”

“Wake me up, before you go, go…

I’m sure you all love know this song. Some might find it too “kitchy”, but I always kinda liked it:)

As you might also know by now, I’m not the breakfast sort of girl.

This means, if “breakfast” stands for real meals right after I woke up.

Buuuuuut, the thing I discovered over the years, is that typical “breakfast” is even better when enjoyed during the day, or even at night!

Oh yeah, you heard me, I said night.

Everytime I’m kinda stressed or just exhausted, I’m really craving for some breakfasty stuff, like yogurt, fruit, oats and of course granola.

So, today I bettered my routine-snack meals and combined all this stuff.

You see the result right here:looks AMAZING, right? 🙂

I call it the


you need:

– vegan yogurt (i prefer “alpro soy yogurt“, the classic version)

– lemonjuice (mixed into the yogurt, i like this, but you can omit)

– fresh/frozen berries

– fresh pineapple

– some homemade, vegan GRANOLA (see the recipe some posts ago!)

–>  do it layer by layer:

you could, for example

1.) start with a layer of granola

2.) pour some yogurt onto it

3.) top the yogurt with some of the fruit

4.) then, again, top the fruit with some yogurt

5. ) finally, put the rest of the fruit onto the yogurt layer and top it with even more granola…:)

but that’s just one way to go, you can do, however you like! 

um, yes, I also topped the whole thing with some cinnamon, which tastes just lovely. some other ideas that came into my mind were your fav. nuts, some maplesyrup or other sweetener, some chocolate nibs, cocoa or carob, or even, if you want your cup really naughty, some chocolate-syrup! (don’t forget to check if it’s vegan!)

this cup is really flexible, so just do, however you please! 🙂

oh, talking bout flexible, I eventually got my results of the CAE, and I’m proud and happy to announce: I MADE IT!

I passed at grade B, so it’s real, the FH is just waiting for me! :)))

okay, ready for some more food-porn?

…oooh yeeeah…:)that’s it! (and yes, I am a little obsessed with my granola-creation) 🙂

read me soon,

stay cruelty free ! 🙂