healthful living – things i’m loving lately

i believe that there is always room for improvement. 

this statement holds true for every aspect life has to offer, and we should never stop questioning our motives, thoughts and actions. once we stop moving we stop progressing and will not just stand still, but rather fall back.

i know i announced that this blog will not focus on food and therefore diet anymore, but still, when i feel like posting about health there is no way the topic of food can be neglected.

i’ve been vegan for quite a while now (≈2.5 years i think) and could not be more convinced that eating plants only is the ultimate road to health, fitness and a peaceful mind. yes, i like to take a holistic perspective on health, meaning i believe that body, mind and spirit are inseperably intertwined and cannot be treated as if they simply coexisted.

i am happy to say that i seem to always stumble upon new, valuable sources about nutrition and health and therefore continue learning. a business student can indeed, too, be highly interested in these kinds of topics – i’m living proof!


you will be able to read about some of these sources and my personal experiences on the road to heath in the future, for example when i post about my top 5 books and my top 5 movies. moreover, i plan on writing one or more separate posts on what i regard as a “healthy life” for myself, but not tonight!

all i will say now is that i’m trying to limit the (vegan) chocolate and eliminate all processed foods altogether at the moment. basically, i eat TONS of fruit, loads of vegetables and clean grains and starches such as rice, potatoes and quinoa. soy consumption is also something i want to cut back on, as most soy products are quite processed. last but not least i try to not do vegetable oil and salt and, truth be told, hardly ever miss it at all!

on top of the diet part, i continue and upgrade my workouts regularly. i’m really enjoying doing at least a small exercise routine almost daily and love seeing my body becoming more & more toned from week to week!

as already stated, i will explain the what and why in detail within the upcoming posts, but tonight you’re getting some pictures! 🙂



so here come some things i’m loving lately:
  • corn-pasta dishes

although i’m not gluten-intolerant i tried corn pasta and instantly fell in love! somehow i feel as if my body needs less effort to digest and i personally can’t seem to recognize any loss of taste. so, gluten-sensitive or not, give corn-pasta a chance!


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234144


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234152



(creamy balsamic-tomato corn-pasta with spinach)

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234055

(pasta salad i made for my and my bf’s family. everybody came back for seconds! 😉 )

  • banana shakesEvernote Camera Roll 20130714 234040

i love love LOVE these! not long ago i made my banana-shakes with bananas & soymylk, but now i know way better! go and try just blending some bananas with pure, cold water. i’d never believed this combo was superior, but trust me, it is! i always add cinnamon to my shake and sometimes even some vanilla-powder. yummmmmm.

  • dark chocolate rice cakes


no matter how determined i am to cut back on chocolate, i absolutely need these babies every now and then. especially this one time a month, if you know what i mean!

i however decide not to feel guilty! dogmas never seem to lead to happiness, one of these however sometimes seem to do exactly so. 😉

  • raw fruit balls

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234112a more healthy treat are these homemade raw fruit balls. from time to time i indulge in these all-raw balls, which contain dates, bananas, coconut flakes, some nuts like almonds or cashews and, in my case, cinnamon and cocoa/carob. if you’re interested in some recipes just google “raw fruit balls” and you’ll get some hits! 😉

or, just play around in your kitchen and get your hands dirty for once!

  • tons of fruit each day

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234130

(stocking up the kitchen! looooads of fruit each shopping trip, things like soy-yogurt and flaxseed are “sometimes-food” i don’t omit completely)

so yeah, there you have it, some things i’m loving lately.

i’m looking forward to writing the other, more detailed, promised posts but so long, love your body, mind and soul & go learn something you didn’t know before!




my top 5 apps

i decided to run a series of “my top 5 …” here, where i will introduce you to my favourite things of various categories.

this post will, as the title already made clear, cover my most beloved apps. i’m also thinking of doing a “Top 5” post on books, movies an maybe also albums. for this, however, it needs to be “my Top 20” at least!

so off to my top 5 apps.

i’m a 20 yrs old student and have no problem with saying that i NEED some technology in my life!

more, i’m an Apple lover. this is maybe by courtesy of my dad. he is a professional guitarist and i think we can all agree on that for music purposes such as recording Apple products and software are the best choice. so i grew up with Apple products around the house!

of course, in school Windows is still standard, as is now in university. however, given a choice i would always go for Apple stuff.

I don’t wanna start an Apple vs. Windows discussion here, i just wanted to state that I am using both iPhone and Macbook since this post is about apps.

I’m not entirely sure, but i strongly believe that all the apps i’ll be talking about today are also available for non-Apple-products. Moreover, all the apps i’ll be talking about are freeware for both iPhone and Mac! (student, remember? 🙂 )

As this praise for apps will be limited to only 5, i chose to exclude the commonly used apps like Facebook, twitter, youtube,  whatsapp and similar. of course i absolutely need these, too, but maybe i can show you some nice-to-have apps you didn’t know yet!;)

1. pixlr-o-matic


I love love love this one! It’s a very easy to use tool for making random pictures look absolutely amazing. I know there’s an entire Instagram-army out there, but somehow i never really started using Instagram. Pixlromatic, however, has never disappointed me and enabled me to create gorgeous pictures.

You can either upload an already taken photo or just quickly take one and then start editing it.

The first “stage” lets you add an effect to your photo, such as different types of black-white-looks, sepia and all kinds of other common & very uncommon effects.



Within the next stage you can choose an overlay. Think different kinds of lightening, bubbles, scratches and many more.

The final stage provides you with numerous options of borders & frames for your picture. there are very simple and elegant looking ones, right next to really fucked-up grungy style frames. i love it;)

of course you can then save the final pic to your device or share it instantly. below there are some pictures i created using this fabulous app!376822_499551860061731_481687362_n


The app can also be run on the computer via a facebook built-in application. I sometimes do that so i can use this app on my Macbook.


(my dorm room)

2. all women stalk


..or do we?!

I can’t remember how i stumbled over this cute little app. Yes, i suppose you could call it a girls-only-app, all ages, though. Normally i wouldn’t call myself a typical “girly girl”, but i have to confess that sometimes i just really enjoy watching some good old chick flicks or surfing makeup/fashion/girl-talk blogs.

I would describe this app as the perfect time-killer! I’ll just check the latest posts on my phone while i’m waiting for the bus, am very bored in class or deeply in need for some girly stuff;)

The posts provided on AWS are very versatile and written by different authors. The categories provided are apps, bags, beauty, books, cooking, diet, DIY, fashion, fitness, food, gardening, health, inspiration, lifestyle, love, money, travel and more. I especially enjoy posts about books, inspiration, DIY and health, though. “why” you ask?


you will often find posts similar to this blog post here, meaning someone (or better: some girl) will recommend her favourite books or inspirational quotes. i also enjoy the DIY ideas provided very much and have been inspired to get crafty more than once!

so, in case you want something fun and sweet to brighten up waiting time or else, check out this app!



you seriously need this app!

go now and instantly download it to you iPhone, Macbook, iPad and everything else possible!

i guess you can see that i adore Evernote?;)

Evernote is the go-to app if your brain can’t store everything you want it to at any given time. which mine definitly can’t!

basically, this app is the perfect notebook. You can save text, PDFs, audio files & messages and pictures in just a second.

i recommend you sync your devices (for example via iCloud) so that everything you save in Evernote on your phone will automatically be also on your computer. this is just so convenient & effortless!

you can even add keywords and tags to your notes in order to be able to quickly search for and find something in Evernote. you can also create various notebooks within the app to easily sort your stuff. i for one have one notebook for the uni, one for the band and so on.


another thing that really comes in handy is the quick-function of Evernote on the Macbook. even when the program is closed you will see the little elephant logo in the top right corner of your screen. you can drag folders in there or just quickly write down some ideas and instantly save them to your Evernote:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.38.39 PM

(here’s a screenshot of the quick-function)

oh, and did you now it looks totally awesome?

yes, looks do matter. 🙂


4. WomanLog


ok, so girls-only for real now.

this app is a very convenient way of tracking your monthly cycle.

you can add notes to single days or log in how you are feeling, i.e. if you are experiencing any pain like headaches or cramps. i find using this app consistently really is very comfy because you can easily see when that particular time of the month should both start & end!

girls, an app like this simply is a must!

5. Pinterest


I suppose almost everyone knows and uses Pinterest already, right?

i love having the app on my phone & even prefer Pinterest-ing via iPhone over using it on computer.

you never know what amazing things are out there unless you’re using Pinterest!;)

me, i’m a little tattoo-freak, always looking fro new ideas and inspiration even though there’s no money available to get one more most of the times..

although i love creating my own tattoos this is just really awesome to look at and a great place to be inspired!
Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.36.13 PM

i also enjoy browsing through the workout ideas and of course the yummy recipes. just search for whatever you’re interested in on Pinterest and be amazed by the user-generated-content!

so these are my favourite, non-standard apps as of now!

be sure to check in for the next “My top 5…” posts.

all the best & app on,