The Quiet Vegan

You know how vegans are always thought to be excessively talking about themselves being vegans. Looking at other, non-vegan people with disgust, accusative stares or, the slightly milder version, pity in their eyes.

Vegans are those people who just have to tell you how unhealthy or barbarian your daily choices and eating habits are, they somehow never fail to magically create occasions to talk about how veganism is superior and the one right thing, no matter what.

I’ve been vegan for about 5 years now and I’m not one of them.

The way I see it, in every “evolution” of any vegan person there’s that phase where you start digging into information about veganism. There’s the health perspective, the environmental perspective and, of course, the ethical/moral perspective. On each of those perspectives there are loads of information available and in this specific phase the person will really soak up any info he/she can get. One new bit of knowledge leads you to further research and the more you read up and inform yourself, the more grounded your decision of being vegan gets. That phase of self-information is crucial for becoming a long-term, happy vegan and everyone who sees veganism as more than just a fad will experience and live through it.

As vital and eye-opening that phase massive info-haul is, it also comes with consequences. Some typical “symptoms” are:

  • Sadness

(“How can it be that other beings are being treated the way they are?” You can literally feel every crushed animal – this can become so dramatic that you are close to being seriously depressed.)

  • Anger

(“How can it be possible that you did not know about this so far? How come this crucial information has been kept from you over all these years? How can media, lobbies and the government plainly LIE about all these things – up to the point that Children love to go to McD and order a “Happy Meal”? And how can it be that that “Happy Meal” consists of the screaming token of desperation and death?”)

  • Confusion & Regret

(“Why wasn’t I told that before? What else is a lie? How could I not have known or suspected this? Was I just too lazy, ignorant and egoistic to notice? How could I hurt all these beings for all these years?”)

  • Urge to talk about your new knowledge

As you’re informing yourself about all reasons for becoming vegan and you live through these first 3 symptoms, your urge to talk about your learnings, feelings and thoughts grows stronger. This is only natural and in fact healthy, since not talking about it would probably leave you alone in your room, crying and hating the world.

If you’re lucky to have people around you who you can talk about this stuff and you are additionally gifted with just the right amount of social intelligence and sensibility, you are going to do just fine with this “symptom”.

If you’re, on the contrary, lacking one or both of these circumstances it could get, well… messy.

You might stumble into some serious arguments, hurt and be hurt by your “folks” and, as a bonus, leave people thinking all vegans are the intolerant, judgmental assholes I partly described at the beginning of this post.

I believe, in order to have a healthy development as a vegan, that the “talking about it all the time”-symptom is naturally bound to diminish at some point. After some time you are going to find it easier to live vegan, you’re gonna have replaced your old habits with new ones and it’s not gonna be all “new” anymore. You won’t have to think about every item you buy anymore and you’ll know by hard which options on your favorite restaurant’s menu are vegan. You’re just gonna get USED to living this way – and that’s GOOD!

Somewhere around at this point I hope you are gonna have come to peace with the fact that not everyone on this planet is living vegan. Heck, not even everyone you know is. Most likely, even your best friends, family and partner are far from it. And that’s still hard, I know. BUT, over time you’ll be able to somehow live with that, too.

You’re not gonna have to scream “THIS IS MURDER!” in their faces, everytime your friends eat a Salami-Pizza or drink coffee with cow-milk. You’re not gonna start crying everytime your boyfriend bakes some eggs.

This doesn’t mean you stopped caring. I think this change is very important. You’d go crazy if you wouldn’t, somehow, come to terms with your non-vegan environment.

Would I wish that all my colleagues ordered vegan food with me instead of eating gross meaty-takeout every day at work? Yes.

Would I be glad if my family started to integrate vegan food into their weekly-lunch plans? Of course.

Would I be happy if my boyfriend would ditch that omelet? Absolutely.

But would it help if I told them, every damn time? Unfortunately, I think not.

I don’t know if this, my approach is the right approach. I’m just trying to not go crazy, to not be a constant pain in the ass no one wants to have around but to live by being a non-intrusive example. Over time, this is the only approach that has brought me some real results.

Yes, you may ask me about my thoughts on all things vegan, but only if it’s not in the “I-wanna-pick-a-fight”- kinda tone. I will calmly talk about my personal opinions and views, and I will do my best to try not to attack or “judge” you.

I believe that people who know me appreciate this about me, BUT there are certain situations that really push me.

Work-colleague tells me he’s eaten something vegan and it tasted actually good. Other co-worker talks about how environmentally-awesome he’s planning to eat next Friday while biting into his Leberkäs-Semmel (disgusting Austrian meat derivative in a bun). Great, I nod and smile. You want applause? Go get it somewhere else, please.

Person tells me that actually, not buying food seasonally is just as bad as eating meat. Wow, glad you figured that out, but maybe you wanna start dealing with your own stuff and improving there first?

“Friend” tells me that he exclusively eats Bio-meat, and just very little of that in fact, when I saw him eat a “Schnitzelsemmel” from a discounter the week before. Would be a nice step if you actually stuck with that, but pleeeeease, just stop talking to me already.

You see, I am really trying here. To be nice and not intolerant and not judgy – but please, stop pushing me or I’ll become exactly that vegan you don’t want me to be!

P.s.: Oh, and – SURPRISE – I don’t want every conversation to somehow circle back to me being vegan. I am actually interested in other topics, too. I do have a life. Being vegan is not the only thing that defines me, so please don’t reduce me to that. Thanks!

i need more yoga in my life

or at least that’s what i figure. amongst other things, yoga is something i definitely red to integrate in my daily life. a lot has happened this year.

i moved to Vienna, into my very first own apartment. it’s beautiful and the best place a girl could wish for.
i started a full-time internship. the team is really nice and it’s interesting and challenging.
i wrote my second and therefore last bachelor paper. i handed it in and received an A from my, very very nice & supportive, supervisor.
i found the master-programme i want to study and applied. they invited me to an interview and are now considering all applicants.
i got asked to prolong the internship for another half year, which is great on several aspects.
i’m earning more money than ever before and, for the first time in my life, am able to save a proportion of my income.

sounds all good, doesn’t it?   i don’t fully understand yet, but somehow, something still isn’t right. maybe it’s inside me, but something is definitely getting to me, manifesting itself in 2 totally unpredictable, spontaneous attacks of sudden heart race within the past week. i am 21 years old, leading a healthy, vegan lifestyle and would describe myself as genuinely blessed. however, it happened. both times caught me completely off guard and made me panic. i felt horrible and had never experienced my heart doubling its speed without any obvious reason. after talking to my mum, who’s a nurse, and her calming me down, i was still afraid to stay alone in my apartment and go to sleep alone there. maybe it sounds stupid, but i was terrified that something was gonna happen to me at night and nobody would even notice or get me help. moreover, i was freaking out since i hab been convinced to do everything right in terms of “healthy living”. so what the heck was happening to me??! it got me thinking. you see, my mind can be a dangerous bitch. one thing i learned within the past few months of full time working in a basically “open office”, is that i’m a text-book introvert. i get my energy of being alone and get exhausted from being in constant company of other people. it isn’t that i’m anti-social or “hate people”, i just feel empty and kind of drained after being with the same group of colleagues for 8 hours a day without any time alone. yes, it is weird (sind apparently i’m the only person ticking this way in my office), but i believe this is simply my nature. i, for example, also need to get out in my lunch break and just walk around a bit, alone, to clear my head and relax a bit. so, that’s the one thing. on the other hand, i kinda suffer from being alone at my apartment all the time i’m not working. yes, after coming home i enjoy alone-time to re-charge. BUT then again, getting up, coming home and going to sleep all alone all the time seems to also be not balanced at all. here, the part about my brain sometimes being a bitch kicks in: being alone with my head often leads to worrying or just numbness. which can seriously drive me crazy at times.

*going to first ever bikram yoga class right now*

oh. my. GOD! just came back from my first BIKRAM yoga class. i knew it would be hot, but this was just INCREDIBLE!! i just came back, straight into the shower although i was already completely wet, now lying down in my bed with the laptop, typing this. uhm…wow. you know, normally i don’t sweat like…ever. i’m usually quite cold, especially my feet and hands. i thought “okay, i might sweat a little” but i was completely covered in it after just a couple of minutes!!!!!

*inhales water*

tbh, in the middle of the class i though i’d never do this kinda yoga again but now i feel reborn. wow. and tired, but in a good way, not in the usual crappy way of always feeling drained. ok, maybe i should continue with the story bout my heart. so, the heart racing attack repeated itself later that week when i was chilling at my boyfriend’s sofa with him & his family. i was very worried but after a couple of minutes it slowed down again and since i wasn’t alone (it was weekend) i didn’t freak as much as the first time. however, last night, alone in the apartment, i startet to feel stings in the heart region. being completely honest, although it kinda embarrasses me, i panicked – big time. i was so afraid and just couldn’t get myself to calm down. so, i called my mum again and asked her to come and get me. she, thank god, started driving immediately and picked me up about 40 minutes later. i cried during the entire car ride. all the emotions i tried so hard to hold back in my daily life collapsed onto me and sucked me down, down, down. i was sobbing like a 3 year old and it was really hard to stop. i don’t even know what exactly is stressing me so much – if it is my new work situation, almost having no time left, being alone so much, worrying about the future or whatever. but it was awful and i felt really horrible. when we arrived in my hometown (where my parents & boyfriend live), we drove straight to the hospital to check me out. i just needed to know if my body wasn’t ok or not. and i couldn’t wait any day longer and have me worry even more. so they did a full checkup, and after some waiting the doctor told me everything was normal and there wasn’t anything wrong with me, anatomically. i was a little relieved, but not entirely. what the heck was going on then? i seriously felt like i had gone mental. i was really quiet and felt empty for the rest of the night and i slept like a baby, drifting off next to my boyfriend like i haven’t in years. this morning, i still felt kinda weird. i had informed my boss the night before and he was so nice to excuse me for today, so i could visit another doctor in order to do a 24-h-EKG (which was what the hospital doctor said to do). so this doctor referred me to another doctor who i will call tomorrow, but told me not to worry. he was really really nice and finally managed to calm my mind down more (much needed).

*insert sleeping like a baby again, getting my work day over with, coming home, showering, writing a motivational quote on a newly bought blackboard and hanging it up, cooking and eating a massive amount of vegan half veggie-risotto, talking to the bf and watching gossip girl*

  i’m just realising how weird this post must read, but as you see i needed time to progress and write. i woke up really positive today, but in the middle of my workday i felt the sadness, frustration, emptiness and perspectivelessness come creeping in again. an AWFUL feeling. i can’t really say what exactly it is, but somehow i guess it’s work-related. weird thing is, my team is really nice and everyone’s so happy (or seems to be?), but something seems to keep pulling me down there. i called my bf in my lunch break, who kinda also isn’t on top off his game atm. he seemed so distant within the last days and somehow, which normally happens automatically, failed to calm me down and make me feel home. i’m not saying it’s his fault – not. at. all. which made me feel even weirder, even more misplaced. when i was talking to him on the phone today, it still felt that way- not comfortable. i figured, that maybe i’m pulling him down with me. he’s got a lot going on right now and me being somehow close to depressed and sick was probably not now i felt even worse and guilty on top of that. enter the downwind spiral. luckily, while we were talking i felt the situation was changing. he was becoming my safe place again, being fully present and there. i told him, briefly but very honestly, about my feelings and fears which had been collapsing over me, even the ones related to me making him feel bad. he was back. talking like my person, lifting some of the heavy weight off my shoulders. we discussed what i could do to find out what was dragging me down and how to fight it off. since it had been confirmed that, anatomically speaking, i am healthy (still gonna do that 24h-EKG asap, though), i will be trying to fight off those fears. more and more i realised and could also speak out loudly that i seem to be psychologically messed up a little bit. i also told him that i’m embarrassed by this possibility. i mean, come on, i’ve only been working 4 months up until now – and i’m too weak to take that?! he told me that, just like people have allergies or asthma, others might get psychological issues due to external factors not even aware of. moreover, depression comes from chemical  processes out of the person’s control. he told me again and again that this wasn’t a flaw and i wouldn’t be a failure or mentally weak – even if it would eventually turn out that i am suffering from severe depression. my lunch break was almost over at that time, and i was def. not looking forward to working another 3 and a half hours. i was very relieved i had my bf back and thankful for him being so supportive, still dreading going back into the office. totally unexpected, the working afternoon was better than anticipated. i had gained back some strength to make it through the next hours, although feeling still weak on the inside and out. i suppose, i also felt kinda weak, physically, due to the exhaustion caused by the hot yoga the night before, but i can’t say for sure. finally, my working shift ended and i – for the first time in a long period – didn’t feel completely awful!! this realisation led to a massive stream of positivity flowing through my entire being, and i feel as if i’m still floating on it now. what.a.feeling! 🙂

anyways, as this post got long and quite confusing already, i’m off to enjoy me not feeling terrible and getting a good night’s rest. i so hope it will continue to go up again and that i’ll manage to battle the negativity one day after the other. i’ll go to yoga-class tomorrow at 11am and really look forward to seeing my bf tomorrow night. he just said he’s feeling better too and is also able to look forward to it. that god!

a good – or better- day was much needed.

wishing everyone the best,



p.s.: i’m guessing that my physical not-well-being is either psychosomatic or due to generally quite low bloodpressure (i have a history of fainting). to be continued.

“a hero 

is an ordinary individual

who finds the strength

to perserve and endure

in spite of 

overwhelming obstacles”

- Christopher Reeves

feel the rush?

Now this is a nice morning, for a change! It’s official holiday, so i have neither classes nor work which I’m soooooo glad about;) Yes, i allowed myself to sleep in today, but only because I’ve been up until 3AM last night, doing stuff for the uni. however, having a nice, relaxed morning is really important for me in terms of happiness & keeping a calm mind. chai-coffee in bed is a nice way to wake up when my boyfriend’s not around!



 this is the best vegan chai-matcha blend i know! as those following me on Instagram already know, I’ve found this on Naschmarkt in Vienna, a place everybody should check out because it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!

Yes, so I enjoyed my morning dirty chai already (chai with a little soymilk and an espresso shot! try it!) and am now listening to the latest Jimmy Eat World Album while allowing me the time to write this post..I really should do uni work instead of blogging but I just make an exception in order to prevent me from going crazy;)

I’ve really got an awful lot on my plate right now...besides the bachelor paper which I should be done with in one week’s time, the professors are loading more and more work onto us, squeezing everything possible’s  what i have to do for only in the NEXT week! u understand why i need to prevent going crazy?;)


deliverables within next week only..

in-between that, there’s working at the library, attending classes and taking care of the future in terms of the internship and my upcoming move to Vienna! lots of document-stuff to be taken care of, but the new apartment is my number one daydream right now! 🙂

last week, I’ve been to Vienna twice: Once, to check out the apartment and the second time to sign my working-contract for the internship. I lost a lot of time with these things, but it was absolutely worth it!

oh my god, the apartment is like a dream coming true! it’s a old building in an awesome district of Vienna with a vegan shop opening just around the corner! the location is to die for, and so is the flat itself. I can’t stop thinking about how to decorate it and am just sooooooo excited!


this is the building my future-flat is in. gorgeous!


the apartment is sooooo close to Naschmarkt, it’s unbelievable!




i seriously can’t wait to move to beautiful Vienna! 🙂


so you get an impression form Naschmarkt! 😉 HEAVEN!

it’s only 2 months until i’m moving and i’m sure time will fly by. especially, since i’m covered in stuff to do for the uni!






classes accompanied by my cute apple-earaser;)



bachelor paper in progress…


the maximum word count for the paper is 8,000 words. funny thing is, i’m struggling with not writing too much rather than having enough! there’s just so much I want to say, content wise. hard to make it make sense with this limited word count. but it’s doable, with a s**t-load of effort put in!


this week, i’ve been working in the library 3x. on top of all the other stuff, that is 😉


i’ve been getting up EARLY in for my two Vienna days..getting to Vienna from my current home does take some time..ugh. glad to move there in order to sleep longer 😉


in terms of healthy vegan stuff, Vienna is a paradise indeed. this is the “Popeye” smoothie I had after my appointments in Vienna which I got from a fabulous Juice Bar!


somehow, I feel I’m really growing up right now. You know, a proper full time job, my own place in another city, my Bachelor degree coming closer and closer..weird but I can’t complain!;)

still, what is really important to me is quality time with my boyfriend, family and friends. and my lovely Mindy!:)





my beautiful hometown. oh, I love fall!

here comes proof that although I’m officially 21 now, I still kinda look like 15..^^

One more thing: I got myself a REAL blender, finally!! 

Always wanted one and now with the b-day money…:D

it’s from Amazon, a Russell Hobbs mixer for only 33 Euros. Tried it today and it’s so great! that baby really got power!


this will look so nice in my new flat!;)


4 Bananas and some filtered water…


banana massacre! 😉


oh yeeeeees….


soooo creamy..banana-dreams come true! 😉

I realize that this post was not very organized in terms of content..but hey, it’s just some insights into my life right now! and yes, I do feel the rush. but for today, i kinda enjoy it. along with my fabulous nana-smoothie!! 🙂

have a great day,



hello blogosphere!

it’s been a while (again), but here I am!

i won’t even start to apologise for not being here lately..there’s just too much stuff on my plate like…all.the.time!

i’m talking bachelor thesis in progress (gotta hand it in on November 1!! ), project work for every freaking class every freaking day and besides that a lot of organizing and document-stuff to get ready for my internship in January. yup, you read that correctly- i got a great internship! i’m soooo happy and relieved about it and very excited for that new chapter! the internship is in Vienna, meaning that with the dive into the real working world also comes a change of location: i’m moving to Vienna! oh me oh my…you can imagine my excitement-level!

i got incredibly lucky with finding an apartment that is awesome, both location- and expense-wise! my dad actually found the place and next saturday i will see it for the first time- but if it has the “Dad-Approved“-stamp I’m definitely good to go! 😀

so yeah, you see there’s not too much time for doing anything besides going to uni, working in the library, working on my paper and on project-work but I gotta say, I’m still so very happy these times.

and guess what…my 21st birthday was yesterday!

it’s funny how you don’t get that excited anymore with every new birthday…life and stress kinda gets in the way and i seriously felt as if i simply don’t have TIME for birthday at the moment!

year after year that special feeling you got as a child right before each bday fades a little more…but can we accept it all becomes less magical, less special?

I, for one, still believe we need bdays (and christmas etc) to be extraordinary, in the sense of having a break of our odd every-day chores and the dull-ness that sometimes goes with that. I’m not saying I need an enormous party or hundreds of presents, that’s not the point. I believe we should simply make these special days awesome by focusing on ENJOYING our lives and appreciating what we have!

and oh god, I am so blessed. I have an amazing family (even two, counting my bf’s family in!), the most wonderful, caring, loving and committed boyfriend, incredible friends I can always count on and an adorable little doggy. I am just so thankful and happy from the bottom of my heart!

yesterday was the most wonderful day and eventually, it really was special, extraordinary and yes, I would call it magical!

I spent the day with all the people I love and who love me and really felt how blessed I actually am!


today, however, it’s time to get back into working  – but you know what?

as much as it sucks to know hard work is on the to-do-list again, my heart feels still so warm. I know, I know..sounds so cheesy. but heck, I couldn’t care less!;) I loved this birthday and I love my life and all the people I can live it with, and I guess I just needed to write down how grateful I am for that.

so, don’t let life get you down and value these rare, special days. don’t let age take the magic away – cuz you know, that magic we felt as children is still there! we just need to look for it a little harder than before, but it’s there and maybe even more beautiful than it was.




bucket-list 2.0 & resolutions for the 5th semester

it’s the 1st of september already! can you believe it?

i have to confess, after these two awesome months of summer I spent 80% with my beloved family, friends and the bf, i’m excited for the new challenges this upcoming semester will bring about!

this semester, starting on tuesday, is gonna be a little different. It only lasts from September to December and contains all my last classes and exams within this Bachelor program.

Why so short? Well, the 5th semester is, technically speaking, the final semester. This is because the actual last semester (sem6), from January 2014 to May 2014, is supposed to be a full time internship. No classes or courses at the campus, the only occasion you come back for to the campus is to take the final Bachelor Exam in May.

I can’t quite believe I’m so far along already, to be honest here.

Consequently, these last couple of courses are happening from now to December, meaning right now is the time to give it all and fight. Additionally to the regular subjects and exams in this Semester, the first Bachelor Paper is to be written and handed in in November. yup, I said November. yes, I need to get going!;)

I’m glad to tell you that the internship-search-situation has pretty much settled by now, meaning I can cut back worrying and just wait and see. (relieved, here!)

okay, so what was my point again? 😉

I’m excited for this new and important Semester. I am ready to go.

This Semester, there’s no room for excuses, this one is gonna matter, so I’ll better make it count.

An Adventure

I don’t know if I already told you, but the chapter of my life starting right now is pretty much an adventure. Up until now, I’ve had my future, my “next steps“, at least roughly figured out. I knew the direction I was headed to and almost had a “plan”. At this moment, however, it’s different.

Yes, I know that the next steps are to complete this 5th Semester and then do an internship. But after that? It’s pretty much undiscovered territory! I cannot really plan ahead anymore and I admit, this freaks me out a little. But it also comes with the zest of an adventure. It’s all in the open from now on. Oh my! 

Know what I mean?

This strange, exciting and a little dangerous feeling that everything is possible and everything is new. All depends on my internship, yes. But I’m not sure what and who I wanna be yet, so I’m gonna find this out while I’m walking.

My Bucket list & resolutions for the indefinite period

As today is the 1st of September and the ultimate kick-off of this new chapter the little list-lover within me felt the urge to set some goals and wishes for the future. Although I don’t know exactly where life is gonna take me, I do know some things I wanna achieve and am curious about how and where I’m gonna be. So let me share my bucket list and some resolutions with you, from now on to an indefinite time!

  • finish 5th semester w/o resits and with awesome grades
  • be all organized
  • see girlfriends regularly during semester, too
  • ZEN a little;)
  • finish 1st Bachelor paper well ahead in time
  • be able to be proud of this Bachelor paper!
  • reflect and question own thoughts & actions continuously – maybe by writing this blog!
  • eat tons of fruit & high carb, vegan meals
  • work out about 3 times a week, each week
  • upgrade wardrobe to make it more “business”-friendly – so mix business /w casual pieces!
  • figure out where next apartment should be & how to finance it
  • give my best at work (internship)
  • build up network (career)
  • figure out what to do next: do a master? longer/more internships? work for a while?
  • have own, cozy apartment where having a cat/dog is allowed
  • adopt a cat/dog
  • get a hammock;)
  • have balcony in apartment
  • go on great vacation with the bf (financed by ourselves)
  • be more financially independent to help parents
  • see & spend quality time with family regularly
  • call grandmas more often & give sth back
  • write & record song(s) with the bf
  • get back into drawing
  • get new tattoo
  • clean apartment regularly

so this is all i can think of right now! i think i’ll come back to this post & update it from time to time..maybe add more and hopefully cross stuff off the list!

i can only highly recommend having a bucket/goal list. it really improves focus and provides some guidance on your path. plus, crossing stuff off it is amazing! 🙂

i wish you a great day and all the best for this fall! you are very welcome to share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for my fall posts! think seasonal fall comfort food, halloween, my birthday, …haha;)



WIWW – dress for success?

good morning & hello for a new WIWW – What I Wore Wednesday – Episode!


as mentioned in a couple of previous posts, i’m currently looking for an internship. you probably all know what this means: searching for suitable open positions for hours, writing and editing individually adapted application letters & CVs, lots of brainwork inside my head and, hopefully, a good number of job interviews!


so, yes, i’m glad to say that i got lucky with some of my applications and got invited to some interviews! so after my usual happy-dance it was not only time to think about how to verbally present myself effectively and research the companies, but also to figure out what to wear when walking into a job interview!

you know me, i always prepare myself as well as possible. and although i’m usually not that outfit-freakish, i know that you only get to make a first impression once.

i’ve spent quite some time on this awesome website, which i seriously recommend to all job-seekers out there, and learned that in most cases, an interviewer builds his/her opinion about you within the first 90 seconds. so what does count here? general charisma, facial expressions, body language and yes, the outfit!

maybe you remember my post about surface impressions i wrote right before my first day in university. the outfit i presented you there was actually the outfit i wore yesterday, to my very first real job interview and i believe i chose it well.


however, having one single business-suitable outfit won’t take you very far when interviewing for a job more than once and (hopefully) working full time in the future. you know i’m normally more the casual, grunge-ish kinda girl when it comes to outfits for the Uni or my leisure/band time. yessss.

not. enough. anymore!

so, i started yesterday to feed my wardrobe with some new, more business-friendly pieces!






i got this beautiful faux-leather* skirt from a shop in Vienna yesterday. I just love how it looks both classy and somehow edgy. combined with a light, shimmering white blouse this is totally great for more formal situations but also far from boring.

i like this kinda style so much that i’m considering to wear it also to more every-day life occasions, such as family meals or parties. or, what about wearing this on stage?




just think about what you could do to these kind of pieces just by adding different kind of accessories such as jewellery or shoes? think High Heels vs. DocMartens, a red classy clutch vs. a big shopper,… endless opportunities with a piece like this!


* ad) faux-leather: you all are well aware of me being vegan. i do not support any industry that exploits animals in any way. i do not buy leather products. i do, however, like the look and therefore am ok with buying an occasional fake-leather piece. every one has to decide on their own how to deal with this matter, this is simply my opinion.


hope i could inspire you a little bit with that!

wish you the best day,




taste the lifestyle (80/10/10)

…i’m melting! like, literally.

it’s summer here and today has been about the hottest day in a couple of years. oh wait, tomorrow, they said it will be even hotter. yay.

don’t get me wrong, sun on your skin is awesome but there definitely is something like too hot.

ok, to the point now (if i somehow just randomly stop typing and you’ll get a weird unfinished post, it’s save to assume that i just died of heat!) .


i just came home from a couple of days at an absolutely stunning lake where i stayed with my family. that is mum, dad & 2 younger brothers!

believe me, it was awesome and i didn’t mind the heat at all 😉IMG_1258





still fun at age 20!



gorgeous hidden mountain-lake we also visited






simply beautiful.



mmmh i just really enjoyed doing nooooothing productive at all and relaxing with my clan!

just so refreshing.



 don’t mind the weather. it still was freaking hot, clouds kept coming and leaving 🙂






my little baby brother…<3


so, this post is supposed to give you a glimpse into my current lifestyle. i’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible, but i suppose i’ll still have some explaining to do!

as you already know i am a committed and food-loving vegan and if you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that i am able to inhale tons of fruit. veggies are the main stars of most of my dinners, often accompanied by vegan protein sources such as chickpeas, lentils and beans. i gotta say that i’ve been eating many more raw nuts than everyone i know or i’ve heard of during the last couple of years and my go-to snacks are always dried fruit such as dried figs or dates.

i generally have been avoiding fat-sources other than nuts for the longest time, meaning no or low oil since i’m kinda sensitive when it comes to (vegan) oils. also, i don’t miss it for taste at all.

something changed.

probably a couple of months ago i stumbled across a video of Freelee the Banana Girl on youtube and started watching some more of her videos on her channel. this girl looks absolutely amazing and lives off fruit only. yes, i said fruit only! (plus some leafy greens like spinach, kale etc.)

since i already had quite some days where i would eat fruit only & felt really great i got interested and looked into what is known as “The Banana Girl Movement“. this lifestyle stems from a book that is relatively good known within the “raw movement” written by Douglas Graham and called “The 80/10/10 Diet“.



cut reeeeeeeally down to the most basic points (in my view), Graham says that the optimal total nutrition ratio for the human body is 80 % carbs, 10% protein and 10% fat. Healthy & perfect sources for carbs are fruit and veggies, which themselves are made up of an overall nutrition ratio of 80/10/10. all food should be exclusively vegan, raw or as unprocessed as possible and if doable, organic.

this entire idea of nutrition and wellbeing due to food is not a new one and is supported by various scientific findings such as The China Study and is essential for a happy, healthy and long life. the concept of 80/10/10 is also widely referred to as “LFRV” (low fat raw vegan) and “LFHC” (low fat high carb).

the Banana Girl Movement/Lifestyle is based on these findings. just a couple of years ago a sub-group of the Banana Girl Diet was “formed” by Freelee and her mother. this sub-group is called “RawTilFour” and basically means eating raw, HCLF vegan meals for all day and then rounding it off with an equally vegan, 80/10/10 kind of COOKED meal. think baked potatoes, vegan pasta with low fat (and low sodium) tomato sauce and tons of veggies.

ok, so far so good. i just recently found a website where the entire idea is briefly summarized in an excellent way, so i’ll spare you a bad try of me explaining it and just ask you to read this post here in case you’re interested!

back to me!

the entire idea or concept sounds completely reasonable (and scientifically backed up) and moreover totally fits my lifestyle already, only with a few alterations that i started incorporating after watching Freelee’s videos, joining the facebook group and reading the book by Doug Graham:

  • eliminate salt completely (stores water in the body & damages taste buds!)
  • cut back nut consumption drastically (waaaay to much fat!!!)
  • cooked veggies & some grains instead of legumes & beans (a little adaption needed but just as yummy)
  • eat more more more fruit to get the needed calories in (we’re talking kilos of fruit!)
  • drink more water (minimum of 3 liters per day; not too hard for me anyways;) )



yummmmmmy vegan pasta al pomodoro at a restaurant accompanied by unsalted, no oil salad. 

note: when dining out salt and oil consumption is often very hard to control. this is no biggie however, as you don’t eat out everyday and it is still a vegan and high carb meal 🙂

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234152

homemade corn-pasta with spinach and tomato sauce. no oil, no salt, no worries! 


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234040


homemade vegan bananashake: bananas, water, cinnamon and you’re in heaven!



thank god he gave us dates! super delicious, super nutritious, super easy to carry around! 


standard for me: minimum of 4 apples & 2 bananas a day!


homemade veggie pan sans oil. all you need is water for roasting! was accompanied by a lot of rice.


brokkoli is my friend! this one especially 🙂


figs…oh, how i love thee! dried, sweet & heeeeelthy!

ok, so what exactly does my lifestyle look like right now?

as i really feel great & thrive right now, i don’t plan on changing anything to how i’ve been livin in the past. depending on daily circumstances and my feelings & cravings i have some days where i only eat fruit, but really a whole lot of it. undereating stands no chance! (apples, bananas, dates and pineapples are my favs right now!)

some other days i would eat fruit until dinner and then have some cooked 80/10/10 meal at night. and also a lot of it! i’m having seconds, thirds and sometimes even thirds! 😉

when i’m out with friends or family i’ll sometimes have huge salads or cooked vegan, carb-based meals for dinner or even lunch. as said, it’s not always possible to control the amount of salt and/or oil in a meal when dining out, but i’ll just not make a big deal out of it and relax since i dine out relatively rarely.

the key here is to always drink a lot of clear water and really eat enough calories!

so, do i “cheat“?

first of all, i refuse to call it cheating when i don’t exactly stick to the guidelines. yes, i still have my cup of coffee with some soy milk, but i’m cutting back big time. yes, i’ll also sometimes eat some nuts with my meal of as a snack, but i also reduced this a lot which actually feels good.

and the “worst thing” (haha) is that i still enjoy some rice cakes with dark vegan chocolate on top of them, occasionally. sorry, but i just love them sometimes!;)

no, seriously, i don’t want to restrict myself. i enjoy this lifestyle and won’t allow it to become like a set of rules than need punishment when i don’t exactly stick to them a 100%.

however, i automatically come closer to the recommended things and feel really unbelievable! i have so much energy that it is hard for me not to work out some days, which i sometimes should as my muscles would still ache a little!;) i’m doing some kind of workout every freaking day, even when its just walking, it’s movement and feels fantastic!



ok wow, this post has gotten really long. in case i got you interested now, please check out the book by Doug Graham, Freelee’s youtube channel and her facebook pages, as well as The China Study or the according movie “Forks over Knifes”! These recommendations are seriously life-changing and i wish everyone would know about them.


in case you want to share your opinion, thoughts, experiences or have a question, please feel free to comment on this post!


i wish you a wonderful night,

yours s.

healthful living – things i’m loving lately

i believe that there is always room for improvement. 

this statement holds true for every aspect life has to offer, and we should never stop questioning our motives, thoughts and actions. once we stop moving we stop progressing and will not just stand still, but rather fall back.

i know i announced that this blog will not focus on food and therefore diet anymore, but still, when i feel like posting about health there is no way the topic of food can be neglected.

i’ve been vegan for quite a while now (≈2.5 years i think) and could not be more convinced that eating plants only is the ultimate road to health, fitness and a peaceful mind. yes, i like to take a holistic perspective on health, meaning i believe that body, mind and spirit are inseperably intertwined and cannot be treated as if they simply coexisted.

i am happy to say that i seem to always stumble upon new, valuable sources about nutrition and health and therefore continue learning. a business student can indeed, too, be highly interested in these kinds of topics – i’m living proof!


you will be able to read about some of these sources and my personal experiences on the road to heath in the future, for example when i post about my top 5 books and my top 5 movies. moreover, i plan on writing one or more separate posts on what i regard as a “healthy life” for myself, but not tonight!

all i will say now is that i’m trying to limit the (vegan) chocolate and eliminate all processed foods altogether at the moment. basically, i eat TONS of fruit, loads of vegetables and clean grains and starches such as rice, potatoes and quinoa. soy consumption is also something i want to cut back on, as most soy products are quite processed. last but not least i try to not do vegetable oil and salt and, truth be told, hardly ever miss it at all!

on top of the diet part, i continue and upgrade my workouts regularly. i’m really enjoying doing at least a small exercise routine almost daily and love seeing my body becoming more & more toned from week to week!

as already stated, i will explain the what and why in detail within the upcoming posts, but tonight you’re getting some pictures! 🙂



so here come some things i’m loving lately:
  • corn-pasta dishes

although i’m not gluten-intolerant i tried corn pasta and instantly fell in love! somehow i feel as if my body needs less effort to digest and i personally can’t seem to recognize any loss of taste. so, gluten-sensitive or not, give corn-pasta a chance!


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234144


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234152



(creamy balsamic-tomato corn-pasta with spinach)

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234055

(pasta salad i made for my and my bf’s family. everybody came back for seconds! 😉 )

  • banana shakesEvernote Camera Roll 20130714 234040

i love love LOVE these! not long ago i made my banana-shakes with bananas & soymylk, but now i know way better! go and try just blending some bananas with pure, cold water. i’d never believed this combo was superior, but trust me, it is! i always add cinnamon to my shake and sometimes even some vanilla-powder. yummmmmm.

  • dark chocolate rice cakes


no matter how determined i am to cut back on chocolate, i absolutely need these babies every now and then. especially this one time a month, if you know what i mean!

i however decide not to feel guilty! dogmas never seem to lead to happiness, one of these however sometimes seem to do exactly so. 😉

  • raw fruit balls

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234112a more healthy treat are these homemade raw fruit balls. from time to time i indulge in these all-raw balls, which contain dates, bananas, coconut flakes, some nuts like almonds or cashews and, in my case, cinnamon and cocoa/carob. if you’re interested in some recipes just google “raw fruit balls” and you’ll get some hits! 😉

or, just play around in your kitchen and get your hands dirty for once!

  • tons of fruit each day

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234130

(stocking up the kitchen! looooads of fruit each shopping trip, things like soy-yogurt and flaxseed are “sometimes-food” i don’t omit completely)

so yeah, there you have it, some things i’m loving lately.

i’m looking forward to writing the other, more detailed, promised posts but so long, love your body, mind and soul & go learn something you didn’t know before!



my top 5 apps

i decided to run a series of “my top 5 …” here, where i will introduce you to my favourite things of various categories.

this post will, as the title already made clear, cover my most beloved apps. i’m also thinking of doing a “Top 5” post on books, movies an maybe also albums. for this, however, it needs to be “my Top 20” at least!

so off to my top 5 apps.

i’m a 20 yrs old student and have no problem with saying that i NEED some technology in my life!

more, i’m an Apple lover. this is maybe by courtesy of my dad. he is a professional guitarist and i think we can all agree on that for music purposes such as recording Apple products and software are the best choice. so i grew up with Apple products around the house!

of course, in school Windows is still standard, as is now in university. however, given a choice i would always go for Apple stuff.

I don’t wanna start an Apple vs. Windows discussion here, i just wanted to state that I am using both iPhone and Macbook since this post is about apps.

I’m not entirely sure, but i strongly believe that all the apps i’ll be talking about today are also available for non-Apple-products. Moreover, all the apps i’ll be talking about are freeware for both iPhone and Mac! (student, remember? 🙂 )

As this praise for apps will be limited to only 5, i chose to exclude the commonly used apps like Facebook, twitter, youtube,  whatsapp and similar. of course i absolutely need these, too, but maybe i can show you some nice-to-have apps you didn’t know yet!;)

1. pixlr-o-matic


I love love love this one! It’s a very easy to use tool for making random pictures look absolutely amazing. I know there’s an entire Instagram-army out there, but somehow i never really started using Instagram. Pixlromatic, however, has never disappointed me and enabled me to create gorgeous pictures.

You can either upload an already taken photo or just quickly take one and then start editing it.

The first “stage” lets you add an effect to your photo, such as different types of black-white-looks, sepia and all kinds of other common & very uncommon effects.



Within the next stage you can choose an overlay. Think different kinds of lightening, bubbles, scratches and many more.

The final stage provides you with numerous options of borders & frames for your picture. there are very simple and elegant looking ones, right next to really fucked-up grungy style frames. i love it;)

of course you can then save the final pic to your device or share it instantly. below there are some pictures i created using this fabulous app!376822_499551860061731_481687362_n


The app can also be run on the computer via a facebook built-in application. I sometimes do that so i can use this app on my Macbook.


(my dorm room)

2. all women stalk


..or do we?!

I can’t remember how i stumbled over this cute little app. Yes, i suppose you could call it a girls-only-app, all ages, though. Normally i wouldn’t call myself a typical “girly girl”, but i have to confess that sometimes i just really enjoy watching some good old chick flicks or surfing makeup/fashion/girl-talk blogs.

I would describe this app as the perfect time-killer! I’ll just check the latest posts on my phone while i’m waiting for the bus, am very bored in class or deeply in need for some girly stuff;)

The posts provided on AWS are very versatile and written by different authors. The categories provided are apps, bags, beauty, books, cooking, diet, DIY, fashion, fitness, food, gardening, health, inspiration, lifestyle, love, money, travel and more. I especially enjoy posts about books, inspiration, DIY and health, though. “why” you ask?


you will often find posts similar to this blog post here, meaning someone (or better: some girl) will recommend her favourite books or inspirational quotes. i also enjoy the DIY ideas provided very much and have been inspired to get crafty more than once!

so, in case you want something fun and sweet to brighten up waiting time or else, check out this app!



you seriously need this app!

go now and instantly download it to you iPhone, Macbook, iPad and everything else possible!

i guess you can see that i adore Evernote?;)

Evernote is the go-to app if your brain can’t store everything you want it to at any given time. which mine definitly can’t!

basically, this app is the perfect notebook. You can save text, PDFs, audio files & messages and pictures in just a second.

i recommend you sync your devices (for example via iCloud) so that everything you save in Evernote on your phone will automatically be also on your computer. this is just so convenient & effortless!

you can even add keywords and tags to your notes in order to be able to quickly search for and find something in Evernote. you can also create various notebooks within the app to easily sort your stuff. i for one have one notebook for the uni, one for the band and so on.


another thing that really comes in handy is the quick-function of Evernote on the Macbook. even when the program is closed you will see the little elephant logo in the top right corner of your screen. you can drag folders in there or just quickly write down some ideas and instantly save them to your Evernote:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.38.39 PM

(here’s a screenshot of the quick-function)

oh, and did you now it looks totally awesome?

yes, looks do matter. 🙂


4. WomanLog


ok, so girls-only for real now.

this app is a very convenient way of tracking your monthly cycle.

you can add notes to single days or log in how you are feeling, i.e. if you are experiencing any pain like headaches or cramps. i find using this app consistently really is very comfy because you can easily see when that particular time of the month should both start & end!

girls, an app like this simply is a must!

5. Pinterest


I suppose almost everyone knows and uses Pinterest already, right?

i love having the app on my phone & even prefer Pinterest-ing via iPhone over using it on computer.

you never know what amazing things are out there unless you’re using Pinterest!;)

me, i’m a little tattoo-freak, always looking fro new ideas and inspiration even though there’s no money available to get one more most of the times..

although i love creating my own tattoos this is just really awesome to look at and a great place to be inspired!
Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.36.13 PM

i also enjoy browsing through the workout ideas and of course the yummy recipes. just search for whatever you’re interested in on Pinterest and be amazed by the user-generated-content!

so these are my favourite, non-standard apps as of now!

be sure to check in for the next “My top 5…” posts.

all the best & app on,