healthful living – things i’m loving lately

i believe that there is always room for improvement. 

this statement holds true for every aspect life has to offer, and we should never stop questioning our motives, thoughts and actions. once we stop moving we stop progressing and will not just stand still, but rather fall back.

i know i announced that this blog will not focus on food and therefore diet anymore, but still, when i feel like posting about health there is no way the topic of food can be neglected.

i’ve been vegan for quite a while now (≈2.5 years i think) and could not be more convinced that eating plants only is the ultimate road to health, fitness and a peaceful mind. yes, i like to take a holistic perspective on health, meaning i believe that body, mind and spirit are inseperably intertwined and cannot be treated as if they simply coexisted.

i am happy to say that i seem to always stumble upon new, valuable sources about nutrition and health and therefore continue learning. a business student can indeed, too, be highly interested in these kinds of topics – i’m living proof!


you will be able to read about some of these sources and my personal experiences on the road to heath in the future, for example when i post about my top 5 books and my top 5 movies. moreover, i plan on writing one or more separate posts on what i regard as a “healthy life” for myself, but not tonight!

all i will say now is that i’m trying to limit the (vegan) chocolate and eliminate all processed foods altogether at the moment. basically, i eat TONS of fruit, loads of vegetables and clean grains and starches such as rice, potatoes and quinoa. soy consumption is also something i want to cut back on, as most soy products are quite processed. last but not least i try to not do vegetable oil and salt and, truth be told, hardly ever miss it at all!

on top of the diet part, i continue and upgrade my workouts regularly. i’m really enjoying doing at least a small exercise routine almost daily and love seeing my body becoming more & more toned from week to week!

as already stated, i will explain the what and why in detail within the upcoming posts, but tonight you’re getting some pictures! 🙂



so here come some things i’m loving lately:
  • corn-pasta dishes

although i’m not gluten-intolerant i tried corn pasta and instantly fell in love! somehow i feel as if my body needs less effort to digest and i personally can’t seem to recognize any loss of taste. so, gluten-sensitive or not, give corn-pasta a chance!


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234144


Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234152



(creamy balsamic-tomato corn-pasta with spinach)

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234055

(pasta salad i made for my and my bf’s family. everybody came back for seconds! 😉 )

  • banana shakesEvernote Camera Roll 20130714 234040

i love love LOVE these! not long ago i made my banana-shakes with bananas & soymylk, but now i know way better! go and try just blending some bananas with pure, cold water. i’d never believed this combo was superior, but trust me, it is! i always add cinnamon to my shake and sometimes even some vanilla-powder. yummmmmm.

  • dark chocolate rice cakes


no matter how determined i am to cut back on chocolate, i absolutely need these babies every now and then. especially this one time a month, if you know what i mean!

i however decide not to feel guilty! dogmas never seem to lead to happiness, one of these however sometimes seem to do exactly so. 😉

  • raw fruit balls

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234112a more healthy treat are these homemade raw fruit balls. from time to time i indulge in these all-raw balls, which contain dates, bananas, coconut flakes, some nuts like almonds or cashews and, in my case, cinnamon and cocoa/carob. if you’re interested in some recipes just google “raw fruit balls” and you’ll get some hits! 😉

or, just play around in your kitchen and get your hands dirty for once!

  • tons of fruit each day

Evernote Camera Roll 20130714 234130

(stocking up the kitchen! looooads of fruit each shopping trip, things like soy-yogurt and flaxseed are “sometimes-food” i don’t omit completely)

so yeah, there you have it, some things i’m loving lately.

i’m looking forward to writing the other, more detailed, promised posts but so long, love your body, mind and soul & go learn something you didn’t know before!




Power Shake to cheer you up!

Hey guys!:)


These days are somehow strange.. school hasn’t started and i’m tangled up between studying, checking band-stuff and trying to organize myself.

oh, and i’ve just recently started to do some workout again, and i really love it!

it’s so comforting 2 do sth for my body could i forget how much i love sports?! 🙂


still, tonight i’m not in the best mood and therefore figured i could use something to cheer me up..yes, of course it’s something sweet! 😉


i created this incredibly yummy shake for two purposes:

1.) as stated above, i need some drinkable comfort.

2.) this shake is loaded with healthy power & fuel for the body! which makes it just perfect as a pre- or post-workout shake!


try and be amazed!:)



Power Shake

(makes 2 servings)


– 6 Medjoul dates, chopped

– 2 bananas, chopped

– 3/4 c. coconut milk (i used light)

– 1 T protein powder (i used hemp)

– 1/2 c. water

1/2 – 1 c. mylk (i used soy lite. almond would sure be great!)

– pinch of salt


depending on your taste preferences:

cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, ginger powder; (this makes a great chai-flavour!)



– 1 T peanutbutter

– instant coffee powder

– cocoa/carob powder

–> blend 2gether all the ingredients and enjoy!:)


..e voilá! 


your amazed,


call me the “Queen of Home Improvement”!

who remembers the TV-series “Home Improvement”, starring Tim Allen alias Tim Taylor? 🙂
the last couple of days really remembered me of this TV-show..
as some of you might remember, i told you about my “room project“. (see “miss flexible”-post)
i am proud to be able to say i quite made use of my last week of holidays (eek! last week?! that means the FH comes closer & closer..i’m so EXCITED!!).
i cleaned my room, painted my walls & today my daddy pimped my floor & changed it from horrible-coloured carpet-flooring to sweet laminate-flooring.
i waited whole years for this to happen!!
                        (this handsome pair of legs you see is my daddy, who really worked hard today! he’s a rockstar! )
now, finally, i arranged all my furniture in a new way and even changed a few pieces of it. the highlight? a totally stylish & functional desk! i love it! 🙂
so, as said before, i’m officially done now. you wanna see how it looks like?
oh, and don’t you get confused: my room is “L”-shaped, so a little more than the classical “4 walls” 😉
oh, here’s a pic of the special new desk:
ooooh yeah!
hmm..what else is there to say?
being that busy and considering the heat outside, i would like to introduce you to my currently 3 best friends:
–> remember? chai-coffee shake? iced? add cinnamon and spices & it’s heaven! 🙂
oh, talking ’bout heaven, after the work in my room tonight, i made me and my beloved helpers some “bananasplit’s”!
i found “Soy-Icecream” at a store, so i just added some cocoa, chocolate & cinnamon besides the bananas!
just right after some hard work! 🙂
in my opinion, you should always take time to recompense yourself for doing some hard work & to relax.
tomorrow i am gonna look for some nice pictures that will make my empty walls even prettier. i am so happy about the floor! (really, you should’ve seen that ugly carpet! uagh!!)
p.s.: the “double chocolate muffins” were a hit at the barbecue! everybody loved them! yay! GO, VEGAN DESSERTS! 😀

miss flexible.

what- me?

YES! in this post, i’m gonna prove you that i’m not only flexible on alterning recipes, but also in real life.

yum. but more about this delicious shake later.

the thing is, i’m planning on moving out since i was about eight.

you heard me, i’m serious. an own flat has been one of my greatest dreams ever since i was born little, because a) my family circumstances demand for it and b) i’m really longing for being completely independent. it may sound weird, for i’m only 18, but i can tell you it’s what i dream about.

last year i was quite close to fulfilling my dream: i could have moved to a flat with two other girls in vienna, but then i found that the university of vienna was not what i had expected and so i had to back out. eventually i found the right place to study for me, which turned out to be in my hometown, so i planned on moving in the student’s hostel. well, for a number of annoying reasons this wasn’t possible either, and therefore, my dear readers, i needed to redisponse again.

i decided on staying at home for at least another year, which won’t be easy, but doable, which is why i’m currently “working” as my own interior architect slash designer.

yesterday and today i was clearing out my whole room: i said farewell to boxes of childhood memories and daddy helped me carrying them into the attic, i hefted a huge bag of clothes to the “Humana”-container and – this was the most painful thing- i got rid of all the photos and images i’ve been adhering to my walls throughout my teenage-years. my walls always looked like some huge piece of art: photos, images, drawings, lyrics and thoughts were written and glued onto them, and now they’re gone. now these walls look empty, but, to my surprise, i kinda like it.

why do i do all this?

i need more space in my room. i want to make my room more “grown-up”, but in the cool way. i’m gonna paint my walls white and light-green, which is, by the way, my fav color, and i plan on getting a new floor. you have to know that i’ve got a carpeted floor, which is both impractical and it needs to go!

it’s been some work, and i’m far from done, but in my opinion this sort of work definitely is fun! 🙂

you wanna see how horrible my room looks right now? 😉

you sure?

so much about the real life. who wants to see what i’ve created lately? 🙂

it’s the ultimate CHAI – COFFEE – SHAKE!

i needed some drinkable motivation for my room-project and, inspired by katie and my taste buds, i made up a recipe for this very motivating shake which is perfect for me! 🙂

it’s easy to do, healthy and contains caffeine. who doesn’t like tasty caffeine?

for 1 shake

– 1 cup mylk (soy, oat, spelt, rice…whatever you like!)

– 1 ripe frozen banana

– 1 espresso, cold

– 1-2 t cinnamon

– 1 t ginger

– dash of pepper

– a little stevia (or more, if you want your shake really sweet!)

–> blend all the ingredients. you’re done! 🙂

* if you prefer a hot beverage, just use hot espresso and don’t freeze the banana, then put your mixture in the microwave.

it’s really yummy, not too rich(depends also on which kind of mylk you decide on) and vitalizing! 🙂

so, i’m off for some more room-work,

have a nice day 🙂


Chai-Latte alá sassi

das hier ist sozusagen das “rezept” für mein unangefochtenes lieblingsgetränk: Chai Latte.

höchst wahrscheinlich hat dieser post den titel “rezept” gar nicht verdient, allerdings hab ich mittlerweile meine ganz eigene methode der zubereitung entwickelt, die ich jetzt hier veröffentlichen werde;)

Ich mach den chai immer auf diese art:

mein lebenselexier

1. wasser kochen;)

2. eine normale tasse mit sojamilch füllen (ich nehme immer “alpro soja- light”)

und ab in die mikrowelle damit; (natürlich kann man sie auch anders erhitzen)

3. kochendes wasser in eine extra große tasse füllen (soll etwa das doppelte fassungsvermögen der     normalen tasse haben) & 2-3 beutel “chai”-tee hineinhängen;

(ich nehme immer den chai von “teekanne”)

4. die erhitzte sojamilch so richtig aufschäumen, inzwischen den tee ziehen lassen;

5. die teebeutel entsorgen (nach ca. 8-10 min.) und die geschäumte milch auf den tee gießen;

6. nach belieben süßen(ich süße nie nach, aber einfach probieren), alles vorsichtig durchrühren          und etwas zimt auf den milchschaum streuen.


der chai ist da:)

lasst ihn euch schmecken!