Hello & welcome to girlinasong

I started this blog back in 2011, when I was 18 years old, with these very words: “this is a very personal blog. it’s about me and all aspects my life has to offer“.

well, today I am 24 years old and decided to get back into it.

Back then I started this to write about veganism, share my own recipes and thoughts on the world. I am also a passionate musician (I sing) and lover of all things beautiful.

I decided I not to delete my old posts, but there was some freshening up to do on this site.

However, there is still no clear category for this site – I will write whatever I feel like, so it could include book reviews, my thoughts on the world today, vegan food or stuff about vegan makeup and beauty products (like, hair – duh).

I also thought about the language to post in. The blog started with some posts in German, my mother tongue, then continued in English. I think I will just figure out the language for each post – but I am happy to deliver on both, just let me know.


I’ve been vegan for about 6 years now, so I’ve pretty much got it down, I guess 😉

Post one / one and a half years of vegetarianism I soon started walking down the path to complete veganism. I took this journey step by step did not have a ‘role model‘ in my circles. I have always loved animals and one day simply started informing myself about vegetarianism. However, I soon learned that this was just half the deal and started looking into veganism. I read loads of stuff on the various aspects of veganism: health, culture, moral, environment (the one book that really did it for me was “Eating Animals“ by J. S. Foer). And then I simply tried – and never took a step backwards, because I simply love every aspect of it.

Me being vegan is an important part of me. I believe that I grew a lot as a person since I started to actively look into this whole lifestyle and I did not once regret my decision.

If you’re interested into veganism and my story be sure to check out my veganism page.

Recipes &  Foodie-focus

The blogosphere is already stuffed with them: food blogs.

When I started this blog back in 2011 my focus was very much on the recipe posts. I used this blog to remember my own creations and share them with anyone interested, too.

Today, after quite some time off blogging, I’m coming back and reinventing this blog. I will not continue to post mainly recipes, as my plan is to write about different parts of my life more.

I still enjoy cooking, baking and coming up with new recipe ideas (I do not like following recipes myself – I’d rather improvise). If, however, I come up with a new, noteworthy recipe or some thoughts regarding food, I will not miss to share these here.

All my recipes are vegan and relatively healthy (yes, I love chocolate, still). It’s all about balance and loving food & yourself, people! 🙂

So who am I?

  • I am living in our brand-new, cozy flat near Vienna, Austria with my incredible boyfriend (six years and counting)
  • I just finished my masters (Information Medien Kommunikation)
  • I’m a quasi-owner of 2 super-cute dogs
  • I’m a singer
  • And and art-lover (I love to draw and craft)
  • I’m happy to be working in the creative industry
  • I’ve got two younger brothers
  • I’m a tattoo-lover (4 and counting)
  • I recently got into photography & video-production

Any questions?

In case you have any question, want to respond to one of my posts or simply  feel like you needed to share your opinion, please do not hesitate to leave a comment!

I will be so happy to answer you.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. what can i say..
    i simply love love love love love your blog. it’s amazing. all of the recipes are great considering the fact that i only tried the granola yet. BUT i can’t wait to try the others. i guess you tried to be a kinda inspiration..?! trust me: you are. for me especially and not only with your blog..mainly with your music!
    i love singing with you.
    by the way, your blog-page is already listed in my favs on my mac 😉
    ♥ ♥ ♥ L.

    1. holy moly! how sweet is your comment? 🙂
      thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀 i’m so excited you tried the granola, i tell you, it’s really addictive, once you started! 🙂
      you just made me smile so much. thank you, sweetie, and be sure: i enjoy singing with you AT LEAST as much as you do!!
      i’m really honored, so, go try your granola and i’m looking forward to seeing you soon!


  2. Hallo Saskia,
    danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, klar freue ich mich, wenn du mich verlinkst, ich werd dich auch gleich mal verlinken. 🙂
    Ich hab grad das Lied New Year Come von Dir angehört, das ist ja wunderschön, du hast eine so tolle Stimme! Gefällt mir richtig gut. Schade, dass das nicht allein an der veganen Ernährung liegen kann, sonst würde ich mich vielleicht auch etwas besser anhören. 😉 Aber mit Sicherheit ich ein gesundes Leben sehr gut für eine schöne und klare Stimme.
    Ich wünsch Dir noch viel Erfolg auf deinem veganen Weg! Wenn du Fragen hast, frag mich gerne!
    Bist du inzwischen ganz vegan?

    LG, Birdie

    1. hey! 🙂
      vielen dank, wirst gleich hinzugefügt! 🙂
      oh, das freut mich zu lesen! hmm ja da hast du wohl recht..aber fühl mich eigentlich generell gesünder, das ist schon sehr angenehm! 🙂
      ich bin eigentlich vegan, ja.
      ich bemüh mich sehr, auch wenns manchmal nicht so einfach ist..aber steh vollkommen dahinter und denk es bringt nichts, sich zu verteufeln.
      das einzige, womit ich so meine probleme hab, ist die sache mit dem honig..der ist toll für die stimme und ich weiß das klingt vl blöd, aber kann mir irgendwie nicht vorstellen, dass es nicht auch imker gibt, die bienen gut behandeln..wobeis im endefekt ja tzd nicht ok ist, sich der schweren arbeit anderer zu bedienen..also ja, das ist noch etwas schwierig für mich, aber sonst läufts gut!
      vielen dank für das liebe angebot, werd darauf zurückkommen! 🙂


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