…and summer is easy



good morning, dear blogosphere!

i just woke up to see that the weather has finally cooled down a little. I’ve never welcomed clouds & rain more I think.

this is gonna be a picture-heavy post, demonstrating the essence of most of my days right now!

cuz summer is easy, and so is this post.



wakey wakey, workerbees! my mornings usually start with a vanilla-soy-latte and a mail-checking session outside. this kinda gets my head working & i make sure i set my goals and appointments for the day. mmh i want this latte right now!






 after this, i’d probably get going with a short & intense workout session, preferably in the garden. i’m talking squats, push-ups, several crunch-variations, some ballet leg moves. but this depends on my mood!

after the workout i’d go take a nice, short shower and then reach for brekkie. usually, this is fresh, ripe fruit or, if i can afford it, a delicious smoothie/OJ like this. yup, i’d down this in about 4 minutes! 😉



with this stuff in my tummy i’ then, at the moment, start one of these two things: a.) study for the next exams or b.) continue my internship-hunt! yes, i’m searching for a place to intern in. this means lots of researching, writing & updating CVs, composing cover letters and so on. oh, and praying for a nice place, of course!


so when this “productive work phase” is done what i do really depends on various factors. usually i do something like the following:

Photo on 8-6-13 at 8.31 PM (1) Photo on 8-6-13 at 8.31 PM #2 (1)Photo on 8-6-13 at 8.31 PM #3 (1) Photo on 8-6-13 at 8.25 PM (1)

have a skype date with my friend in Canada while holding my doggie-girl. harder than you think!


go to a music festival or somewhere else, as long as it’s outside! this pic was a small, chilled festival in a large apple garden.


…enjoy the sun, the company, the music…


or, get to the city to buy supplies (for my tummy). wanted to show u my fruit-shirt!;)


or spend some quality time /w the boyfriend. i just love these bracelets we got! be sure to visit etsy for stuff like these!

so then, when the evening has arrived, i’d probably go out with friends for some drinks or a movie. but if money’s short (like just now), i’d rather stay in. my fav staying in option is hanging at my boyfriend’s with my doggie:



 chill! 🙂


so, this is how a lot of my days currently look like.

now, i should get going with my workout and studying session! 🙂

wish you the best day!


xoxo, s.

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