my personal thanksgiving.

as you might know, there’s no actual thanksgiving celebrated in austria. we have one similar day, but no one really celebrates it..a shame, if you ask me!


so, anyway, i’m sure that there were quite a couple awesome thanksgiving celebrations going on all around the world.

i decided to take a couple of minutes and write down what i’m thankful for these days (points are just randomly ordered, doesn’t mean anything!) :


  • my incredible boy

    what can I say?

i simply love him with all my heart.
he’s the one i can always run to, the one who keeps me on the ground
and who has been saving me so many times.
i guess I must me the luckiest girl on the planet to have him !


  • my family


they’re the best. i love them.

now that i have moved out i really miss them,

and try to see them as often as possible.



i really am thankful to have them!

  • my friends (i really mean all of them! i just had to chose a couple of photos out of a hundred!)


it’s a shame i don’t see them more often..

really makes me sad every once in a while.

but i know that i can always count on them, and that is what really matters!


these guys are almost like family to me, i really do love them! and i enjoy our music so much!


  • being in college

yes, honestly, i am.

although it is so hard right now, it sure is a great opportunity,

and i’m not gonna mess this one up!

i am thankful for all the new people i’ve met and friends i’ve made,

and i’m happy to have been given this chance to study!

  • my apartment-room

how long did it take me to get here?

this was a major step in my life, and it just feels so good.

thank you!

  • arts & music

this world would be so empty without it.

don’t ever take anything for granted.

try to live in the present moment 100%.

take a deep breath and think about what you’re thankful for.



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