birthday cookie cake!


i still owe you a birthday-post!

actually, this is a post-birthday post..some time passed since i turned 19, and i just happened to not find any time to tell you bout it!

(college’s a bitch.)


before i moved out, my mom made me a beautiful and delicious vegan cake for my 19th.

it could be called the “cake of my dreams” 🙂

based on katies’s recipe, i got a chocolate-chip cookie cake and modified a little.


i always used to be more the crunchy cookie kinda girl, as opposed to the gooey cake kind.

this cake therefore was like a giant cookie, included chocolate chips, chickpeas(don’t panic!), cinnamon, and was even topped with a layer of light chocolate and some white, rice based chocolate…heaven!




served with some vegan, soy-based ice cream..yuuuum.


got hungry yet?:)


cool thing was, that all my non-even-close-to-vegan family members LOVED it!

so did my boyfriend. having served him various vegan treats over the time, this cake definitely was one of his favorites so far!:)


isn’t this mini-bottle cute? (we had 3 of them, by the way ;> )





measured by the little amount of time it took us to finish it, we should really consider making 2 of these for the next birthday! 😉



have a nice saturday,

s. (who right now is sorry that this cake is gone..)



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