VOICE TIPS for singers




any singers out there?

this post is dedicated to all the lovely and stunning voices this world has beared.



this posts topic is my experience in how to take care of your voice. 

i am a singer and would love to stay this way, which is why it is important to treat my instrument very well. 


having done several concerts before and having attended some vocal classes, i kind of collected some tips and tricks on how to look after my voice, which i want to share with you.


if you’re a singer, your body is your instrument.

health and training is all you got, and a cold can sometimes really mess it all up.


i am no professional voice choach or doctor, all i do is sharing my experiences, and since all our bodies are different, you need to find your own methods, but if you’re lucky, these tips might also work in your situation.


here are my personal recommendations:


1.) in general:

try to lead a healthy lifestyle. eat well, try to get enough sleep, work out and also try to get some balance „inside“.

meet friends and go out, but also take your time to relax and for yourself.


2.) diet:

especially a couple of days bevor your concert starts, mind, what you eat and drink.

since milk and dairy-products are known to harmful your voice by congesting it with mucous, a vegan diet is perfect for singers.


meat also does no good job when it comes to singing, because your body has to work hard to digest it, which, of course, is very hindering  & annoying on stage.


again, vegan foods are much better for your fitness and voice-capability.


it has also been said, that nuts and seeds are not that helpful when consuming them before singing.

i never had problems with any of them, but some singers would strongly discourage you from eating nuts or seeds.

you need to find out, if you don’t mind or if they cause you any problems!


another interesting fact i learned just recently ist hat too much vitamin C is bad for your voice.

therefore, you should avoid consuming too much citrus fruits and any other food containing a lot of vit. c!


eat wholefoods, as unprocessed as possible.

whole grains, veggies, not too much fruit(vit. c!), plantbased protein like lentils, beans, chickpeas, tofu will help your voice to be fine.


3.) little helpers:


– TEA!

tea is really great when it comes to singing, but remember to not drink it too hot.

   try camomile- & sage-tea.

for me, tea works best when sweetened a little with maple syrup and some mylk, but again this is up to your body.


* try adding a little ginger(-powder) to your tea or food! ginger has saved me many times.



 – bonbons!

i’m not kidding, try different kinds of herbal hard candy and see if any of them help.

(buy some without too much sugar and sans gelatine!)


– immune system

take care of your immune system!

of course, this should always bet the case, but if you’re a singer, it’s even more important.

keep the diet tips in mind and avoid to get too cold.

and don’t underestimate the sleep!

you should really try to get enough of it, so you can be fit and feel great when on stage.



4.)   what to do when your voice is already poor?


first, you should go after all the tips i mentioned before.

in an acute voice emergency, avoid speaking, but also whispering.

maybe you could get a small blackboard and simply write down what you wanted to say! 😉

no, i’m serious. don’t overcharge your voice, take time to rest and drink tea, tea, tea!








2 thoughts on “VOICE TIPS for singers

  1. hi!! also ich bin ja gar keine sängerin, mach das nur wenn ich alleine im auto fahre, frei nach dem motto: laut, falsch und mit voller begeisterung 😉 hab dich übrigens auf meine blogroll hinzu gefügt!! und nur geduld, die leser kommen mit der zeit von selbst!! lg Ulli

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