call me the “Queen of Home Improvement”!

who remembers the TV-series “Home Improvement”, starring Tim Allen alias Tim Taylor? 🙂
the last couple of days really remembered me of this TV-show..
as some of you might remember, i told you about my “room project“. (see “miss flexible”-post)
i am proud to be able to say i quite made use of my last week of holidays (eek! last week?! that means the FH comes closer & closer..i’m so EXCITED!!).
i cleaned my room, painted my walls & today my daddy pimped my floor & changed it from horrible-coloured carpet-flooring to sweet laminate-flooring.
i waited whole years for this to happen!!
                        (this handsome pair of legs you see is my daddy, who really worked hard today! he’s a rockstar! )
now, finally, i arranged all my furniture in a new way and even changed a few pieces of it. the highlight? a totally stylish & functional desk! i love it! 🙂
so, as said before, i’m officially done now. you wanna see how it looks like?
oh, and don’t you get confused: my room is “L”-shaped, so a little more than the classical “4 walls” 😉
oh, here’s a pic of the special new desk:
ooooh yeah!
hmm..what else is there to say?
being that busy and considering the heat outside, i would like to introduce you to my currently 3 best friends:
–> remember? chai-coffee shake? iced? add cinnamon and spices & it’s heaven! 🙂
oh, talking ’bout heaven, after the work in my room tonight, i made me and my beloved helpers some “bananasplit’s”!
i found “Soy-Icecream” at a store, so i just added some cocoa, chocolate & cinnamon besides the bananas!
just right after some hard work! 🙂
in my opinion, you should always take time to recompense yourself for doing some hard work & to relax.
tomorrow i am gonna look for some nice pictures that will make my empty walls even prettier. i am so happy about the floor! (really, you should’ve seen that ugly carpet! uagh!!)
p.s.: the “double chocolate muffins” were a hit at the barbecue! everybody loved them! yay! GO, VEGAN DESSERTS! 😀

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