“Amaranth – Banana – Breakfast – Pudding”

looks like i made a promise to you..

nooooow we’re talking!

it’s a self-created pudding made with amaranth-pops, mashed bananas, mylk, lemonjuice, carob and some spices.

it’s really easy to make and you get a warm, cozy and healthy meal for…uuuum…anytime! 🙂

basic “pudding”:

– 2 ripe bananas, mashed

– 1 – 2 c. amaranth-pops

– 1/4 c. lemonjuice

– 1/2 – 1 c. mylk (soy, oat, spelt..whatever!)

– some carob-pulver (i included a whole lot, but that’s up to you)

– dash of salt


(just add whatever you like, this is just what my tastebuds longed for)

– cinnamon

– kardamom

– pepper

– ginger

–> now, all you need to do is mix the texture and then microwave it.

yes, it’s as simple as that! 😀

* i also mixed some muesli into the pudding … yuuuuuum !!



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