home alone..

..or not alone at all! 🙂

tonight i am doing some brother-sitting, for- guess what- my parents went to see the just released final part of “harry-potter“!

well, i’m kinda glad they get some time on their own, and i also enjoy spending some time with my little brother. i’ve got two of them, but the elder “lil’ bro” is not so little any more..he’s a lot taller than me these days, though he’s about 4 years younger than me! i guess that’s just the way it goes, right?

i’ve been very lucky with my little-or-not-so-little- brothers, and i’m happy when i get to spend some time with them.

tonight my still-little-one and I read some brand new “phineas and ferb” comic, dressed up the cat with some sunglasses to make it look like an agent and had a really good time.

oh, and i’ve been kinda hungry (it was band-rehearsal time today, btw, i’m gonna write an entire post about my guys soon!), so i also decided to make some good old GRANOLA.

(this evening, i also added flaxseed and used applesauce instead of the honey for sweetening- it’s still GREAT!!)

oh, and i doubled the recipe, because this thingy is so delicious(and healthy!) that it never gets to pass the “3-days-alive”-border..therefore i made enough for not just one, but TWO huge boxes! HA! 🙂

hmmm….yummy 🙂

OF COURSE i offered my miniman some of the granola, but however often i asked him, he wouldn’t be brave enough to try..i guess, if there’s never “kellog’s” printed on it, he just doesn’t care.

yes, first i was a little frustrated, but in the end i had some enlightenment: this means MORE for ME! (yes, i am that greedy when it comes to this granola..but don’t say i didn’t try!)

so i kept stuffing granola into my mouth while he stuck to what he always eats..but this kiddo is 7, so, there’s still time for him to change his mind(or get his mind changed..just kidding!;))

yes, i just want you to look at it. stare it down, you can never win. 😉

today i had another meat/dairy-or-not-discussion with some of my band-mates..it gets kinda exhausting. i’m still no full-time-vegan, but i’m really trying to exclude all kind of dairy as far as possible.

but, if you look at this granola, taste how PERFECT it is, think of all the healthy stuff it contains and then get to know that it’s totally cruelty-free- who could possibly not be excited?

it’s high in healthy carbohydrates, full of fruit, contains no added transfats, but essential fatty acids, has zero non-natural sweeteners in it but a whole lot POWER.

me, i AM totally excited!

oh, my little one is already asleep.

sweet dreams, my boy 🙂

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