“tempus fugit” motif…

tempus fugit? what the heck is that?

well, this is a motive i found in a poem by Marvell. it means “time flies”, or better: there is too little time we spend doing some unimportant stuff while time flies by at high speed.

i bumped into that motive when studying for the final exam at university. i attended the “approaching literatures in english”- lectures this term and the written exam takes part on june 30th.

which means i should really be studying right now.

but, according to the tempus fugit motif i decided to focus on some more important things for a while, like, for example, composing a new post on my blog!:)

i am certain that the lectures would totally understand!

once again i’m pretty busy right now. yes, the CAE is over(for now, let’s see if i passed), but there’s a whole lot of things coming up this time.

f.e., on june 14th my incredibly brilliant boyfriend took me out on a “anniversary-date” to celebrate the two of us being a couple for one year now. pretty long time for me, but it was the best year i ever had! 🙂

so, my bf wanted to surprise me and didn’t tell me where we were heading to. i just had to sit in the car and keep guessing where he would take me.

eventually we stopped in vienna, near the UNI, and there we were: at the most wonderful vegetarian restaurant one could possibly imagine!

i need to mention that my bf is NOT a vegetarian, but he looked up the best restaurants in vienna on the internet and picked the first one that was offering vegetarian food.

believe me: i was STUNNED and soooo happy! such a sweet and thoughtful thing of him to to! ❤

the restaurant was very upper-classish, but the staff was all kind and made us feel as if we were royals.

the rest. offered only one meal containing meat, about 4 meals with fish and about 15 meals that were vegan or at least vegetarian! i felt as if i had found heaven, or, as if my boy found heaven for me!

as you can imagine the food was more than delicious, and, another nice aspect: it was really affordable. of course, we paid more than we could pay every day for food, BUT to celebrate a special occasion, the prizes were absolutely okay, especially when thinking of the great food and the excellent service!

i also loved how the rest. was decorated: it looked both noble and comfortable, with a lot of pretty plants & flowers and the decoration was mostly green(my fav. colour!!:))

i’m sorry there are no photos, but i didn’t dare to take out my phone and take some pics, cuz this would have seemed pretty strange, i think;)

(if anyone wants to know the name of the rest., write me a message!)

so, i’d say this was a pretty much perfect anniversary!

what else happened?

well, last friday i kinda rocked the stage!

yes, “Oh, I Taste The Queen” did their first live-concert.

aaaaaand who’s the singer of the band?

Right. ME! 😉

my guys were awesome, we had a lot of fun and the audience seemed to really enjoy our performance.

we played for about an hour and i wore some super-cute dress i just bought recently at “Forever 21”, especially for that show!

my drummer-girl told me i looked like a dark ballerina 🙂

i also bought a whole lot of jewellery (rings, necklaces,..) in order to really look like THE SINGER of my amazing band!:)

i think we did a great job and i’m happy to have got some really nice and positive feedback after the show.

our next concert is only 2 days ahead!   awwww i’m nervous and EXCITED!!

ah, and, just for the record, today i made some more of my granola.

but i couldn’t find any dried fruit, so i just added some frozen berries, which turned out not so well, because the whole thing ended up being way to liquidish and sticky. i mean, it was kinda good, but i still prefer the dried fruit.

okey, i can hear Shakespeare calling my name ..i think i need to go on studying.

who can ignore it when some old poets call them?

so, read me soon,


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