Quick Power Breakfast for No-Breakfast-Girls

Tomorrow I’m having my Cambridge CAE exam..I’m getting more nervous every second. And because I’m never hungry when being nervous or feeling bad, I thought of some easy, quick and not too rich breakfast idea, in order to give me power for the day.

Here is what I’m gonna eat before leaving for the test tomorrow morning:

– 1 banana, chopped (other fruit is also possible, just add however you desire!)

– 1/2 cup Amaranth-Pops

– 1/4 cup granola (with dried fruit and oats)

– 1- 2 T ricesyrup

– 1-2 T lemonjuice

– 1-2 cups soymylk (i.e. “Alpro”)

–> mix everything well by hand and enjoy. It’s easy, doesn’t take 5 minutes to prepare, provides you with energy while not being too much.

Oh, and it’s yummy!:)

Have fun, S.

3 thoughts on “Quick Power Breakfast for No-Breakfast-Girls

    1. hey:)
      vielen dank, is halt erst “am entstehen..”;) naja heute war teil 1 (speaking) aber morgen um 6 (OMG!!) muss ich wieder raus aus den federn u ab nach wien, da gehts dann den ganzen tag..-.- aber heute wars wenigestens recht oke, kann man nur schwer einschätzen. freut mich sehr, dass du vorbeischaust! 🙂 lg saskia

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